• 8607881270?profile=RESIZE_710xBetter (much) late(r) than never - sorry I'm a couple of months late for the theme, but this one has been almost a year in the making, stalled several times due to the good old pandemic, but it's finally finished in time for winter!

    • Lesley, so glad you kept after this.   As everyone has said, it was well worth the wait.   And we know it will warm a child for much longer than it took to make.   

      • The colours are just sooooo pretty, Lesley!! LOVE it!!

    • Wow Lesley that’s absolutely stunning!

    • Really beautiful.  The rainbow and even more...well worth the wait!

    • Oh how beautiful, Lesley.  This will certainly brighten up a child's world ... xo

    • Lesley, it was well worth the wait.  Kudos for persevering.

    • Oooo Lesley I really really like this!    It really doesn't matter how long things take - it's the fact you persevered that we all applaud.   ❤️

    • That's absolutely stunning, Lesley. It's so my style - I wish I'd made it myself!!

      • Patricia, that's how I always feel about your C2C blankets :))

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