• Well, I'm late again.   My New Year's resolution is to try to catch up with myself.

    Here are my CoM squares for December, using up leftover bits of yarn, some is soft velour, some is sparkly gold.

    Many, many THANKS to Patricia, and to all the moderators who give us so much inspiration all year.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    Happy New Year, everyone.


    Picture taken with my phone which has made everything very dark and very yellow!  

    • I spy some to go with Bev’s Christmas squares. Love them!  

    • It's amazing how the same pattern can look so different depending on the yarn used or the stripe placement. I particularly love the dark red with the gold, Sharon.

      • Yay Sharon!! These are GREAT!!

        Think my faves are the far right in the middle row and  one in the top left corner.  

        p.s. If you find the method for catching up with yourself, please share.  :))

  • It was a really inspiring month, Patricia!
  • 12 squares over the Christmas holidays


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      These are Dawn's Squares ✔️✔️✔️

      • Lovely squares Dawn. 

      • A super stash-busting selection, Dawn.

        • GREAT stash busters, Dawn!!

          Think my faves are the two together on the far left.  :))

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