• Thank you for leading this theme Patricia.   You outdid yourself with so many varied projects achieved + were an encouraging host 🌸 Xx

  • Sneaking in just under the wire before December ends, Nine DeStash Squares.


    • Lovely bright squares!

      Happy new Year🍀

    • Having just been looking back at my early photos, Sharon, these squares remind me so much of the ones I was making in the early days when I was just using up odds and end of yarn I had around the house. Still a beautiful pattern for bits and bobs.

      One of my first sets of squares:


      • Your de-stash squares are such COLOURFUL beauties, Sharon!! LOVE them all.  :))

        I'm afraid I will be a little late to sneak under the wire with my squares....squares done,sewing not.  :((

  • Somebody was asking me recently about the first complete blanket I ever made for KAS so I looked out a photo. It's really rather nice. I wonder if it's still in use.


    • Very pretty!

    • It is a beauty, Patricia.  I'm sure it is well loved.

      • Totally agree with Sharon. I'm sure it is as much loved as the day it was received. SO pretty!!

  •  One final snowflake, although it's pouring with rain here at the moment.


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