• February 2020 Theme - Opposites Attract.

    Big and little butterflies and boy and girl.The pink in the little butterflies is lost, as is the colour in the girl...oops.

    • Great ideas well made Bev, thank you X

    • All gorgeous squares, Bev.  I love your big butterfly ... your usual perfect stitching :))) They will all brighten up blankets and put smiles on little faces ... xo

  • February 2020 Theme - Opposites Attract

    Hot pink and neon yellow (turned out with a more greenish tinge) with more of the magic stripe.

    • Stunning Bev!

    • Fabulous bright NEON knitting here, Bev ✅

  • I am sure I did more than this, but this is all I can find to photograph....... I need to buck my ideas up for March!!




    • Thank you so much for these 3 neat colourful beauties Rebecca.

    • SUPER colour combos, Rebecca.  :))

  • For opposites I aimed at water and air. Fish live in water and butterflies live in air. The children can use hand mobiles. Run fish from here to there holding the water lily pad. Or fly butterflies on the leaf above their head in the air. 3986341755?profile=RESIZE_710x3986345390?profile=RESIZE_710x3986348016?profile=RESIZE_710x And off topic, some Izzy Comfort Dolls. 


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