• I did a square for Anne's blanket.  Yellow (neon !)  is what I had in my stash.  I will miss her so much.


    • Arlene, your square will shine like the sun in Anne´s blanket. Lovely!

    • Very pretty Arlene, thank you for contributing to the blanket for Anne.

    • Arlene, this is a lovely square, and one I know Anne would love.  Thank you for remembering our precious KAS sister in such a beautiful way :) ... xo

  • Sorry to hear the news about Anne, she looks and sounds like a lovely and a fantastic lady x
  • What a wonderful tribute to our Anne. She was a rock in the foundation of the KAS stronghold of love.

    Her legacy is the warm children. I can imagine some of her early work passed down to smaller children so that the love never ends.

    She was always thinking of ways to make the work for KAS easier to achieve. We got great pleasure from completing some of her designs.

    Her big smile leapt right of the screen to encourage us.

    Farewell dear Anne 

    • This thread is a wonderful tribute to Ann. I'm not very active on the forum except to report on my own blog, but I did correspond frequently with her when it came to fundraisers. It seems to me she was always coming up with clever new ideas and had enormous energy when it came to rustling up support for Knit-a-Square.

      Chris, thank you for the tip-off about yellow being Ann's favourite colour. It just so happens that the only yarn I have left to work with in my stash is a bright sunshine yellow, as i stocked up before the lockdown. I will keep her in mind as I produce a bag of plain Jane yellow squares!

  • I know that Anne, like many of us welcomed spring and spring colours each year, and was fond of yellow. When it came to squares and blankets she loved stripes! So I decided to make a blanket reflecting these ‘for Anne’......


    • Oh Chris, I love your blanket for Anne very much! You have chosen so beautiful yarn. The variegated one looks like twigs full of flowers /blooming twigs/ and blue yarn looks like cloudless sky.

    • Lovely blanket!

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