Recently, there have been several questions and some discussion about the cost of mailing our squares to South Africa, in some of the Groups, particularly the US and the UK.

It often comes as a bit of a shock to newer members, when they send off those first few parcels, how expensive it can be to mail them.

We do regard the postage cost, as well as the squares we produce, as part of our commitment to KAS. However, there are ways to reduce these costs, and sometimes even offset them.

This discussion is for you to share your ideas and discoveries.

Many of our KASfolk send vast quantities of squares, gathered from several knitters, and have found ways of fundraising to pay for this.

Other KASfolk simply produce a lot themselves, but have found ways to keep these costs as low as possible.

If you have not already read it, I would encourage you to read the International Postage discussion. It is updated at the first of each year and includes as much postal information as we have been able to gather from countries around the world


In general, you will find that is less expensive to save up your squares until you have a considerable number and mail one larger parcel rather than sending off just a few squares at a time. Check the details for your country.

All parcels from the US travel airmail. From the UK, Canada, and Australia we are able to send them by surface mail which, although it takes 6-10 weeks, is half the price. Since parcels are arriving in a constant flow in South Africa, the extra time it takes is not significant enough to warrant the cost of airmail from these countries.

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  • All this has been very helpful,

    I also have been taken aback by the cost of postage, having bought the large packet from the Post Office, then filled it etc, but this is My Contribution to the good work, the yarn I use has either been given to me or I have bought it in charity shops. I just hope that everything arrives safely. Is there ever any commercial company that has business connections between the UK and South Africa who would sponsor the charity by taking packages ?

    • hi marion it may be cheaper if you use brown paper this can be bought very cheaply at the pound shops or similer, I often use brown paper for my parcels, and if you order stuff from catalogues or order things online you can reuse the plastic bags they come in I do that a lot as well

  • I put in the 10 squares and then overlap 5 squares.

    Here is a photo of 15 squares inside a Glad brand snap lock bag 26cm x 38cm. I am using the 670mmx405mm Expandable Tough Bag of Australia Post with the gusset. I have put in 3Kg of goodies so far and can fit in another 15 squares with the air pressed out. If your hands are not strong enough to get the air out try sitting on the bag and quickly zipping it closed, works for me. I have also just added updated Sea Mail from Australia Post on the international postage link that Anne supplied on her 25th Sept 2013 post.2965081366?profile=original

    • Thanks for the postage update Maudie.  I have put the new information into the discussion intro.

    • You sit on it too? Sometime there is actually two flattened parts in the shape of my knees! Lol
  • Anyone here from the US?

    I am ready to send 100 squares and usually use the padded large envelopes but the price is up to $40 per bag from the $20 it use to be. I am wondering if there is a cheaper packaging or size.

    Has anyone tried sending them via Fed Ex or some trucking type company?

    • Hi Debbie

      Have you checked the International Postage discussion at


      Here is part of the US  information supplied by Courtney

      Best Bang for Your Buck

      The more the package weighs for Priority, the lower the cost becomes per pound. However, if the package weighs less than 10 lbs., you will pay more per pound to send one package Priority than if you send smaller packages First Class International.

      The Bottom Line:

      US residents, if you have less than 10 lbs. including the weight of the packaging/container to be shipped, send smaller packages not exceeding 4 lbs. each that meet the size requirements for First Class Mail International. If you mailing weighs 10 lbs. or more (including packaging/container), send one package Priority Mail International

      You did not say how much your package weighs.  Perhaps it would be cheaper if you sent 2 packages, not exceeding 4 lb. each??

      Any time I have checked Fed Ex it is way more expensive.  The problem with a trucking company would be to get the parcels to Ronda's local post office, which is the only feasible plcce for them to pick up parcels from a logistics point of view.

  • Anne you are correct I sent off my first parcel yesterday. I think I benefit more then the children. I also collect bras for the uplift organisation. I have wondered if the down-under group has ever consider the logistics of pool our squares the sending off a large quantity

  • I was posting a parcel the other day and a lady asked who pays the postage on this knitting you do I replied I do... she suggested I approach the local Rotary club to help with postage costs and donations of wool....

    • That's an excellent suggestion, Mandi. Perhaps if you speak with them, you might point out what Rotary and the Stitch Witches are accomplishing in J Bay.  Support for KAS is not a new thing for some Rotary chapters.  Who knows, you might even inspire a group of Rotary wives to join you in your knitting and if the wives are onboard... the husbands will follow!

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