• On a deeply sad evening for all of us in the UK and around the world following the death of our much loved Queen, I thought I would spread a little happiness by uploading a photo of my latest "make".  This little character is unashamedly based on the squishmallow toys that are currently hugely popular over here..  10806944064?profile=RESIZE_710x

    squishy toy.jpg

    • It’s gorgeous, Elaine, the children will love it. It looks very huggable with the cute curls.

      • VERY cute, Elaine!! LOVE the pretty colours.

        I had not heard of these, so had a quick google. They do look very soft and squishy.  :))

        I could not believe it when I popped onto facebook, earlier and saw a post from Estelle (KAS South Africa) that the Queen had passed. An amazing lady. Big hugs to those in the UK...a huge loss.

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    Here's the last of my August Theme knitting.   4 teddy bear applique squares, and 11 pairs of handwarmers, Kx

    • Love your little Teddy appliqué Squares, Karen,  and your colourful striped handwarmers. An amazing amount of work.

    • You are such a busy gal !!  LOVE the bold stripes!!

      I am amazed at your handwarmers is taking me forever to just complete 3 pair (not sewn up yet).

      • I agree with Bev, you are are amazing Karen!

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    Thanks for being such a great host Marion - time evaded me + I didn't get as much completed as I planned.... ♥️

  • Thank you Marion.10800778881?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Marion, firstly I want to apologise for not being able to contribute this month, when I finish I’ll add it to the September theme…. or I’ll be late every month! You have been a great host and I have enjoyed seeing all the lovely contributions…..


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