These two distributions were done on behalf of KAS by Mabel and Wandi one Tuesday when Joel drove the van to Orange Farm once it was loaded up ... this has enabled us to do more than two or three distributions per week during the 2016 winter season, and the result has been a big increase in numbers of blankets donated.


2016 has also been a good year for new gogo groups becoming involved, to help the flow of things and keeping us well stocked against the needs of the children.



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  • There is no better feeling than, seeing two happy children clutching your knitted teddies.  Made my day xx

    • Good for you, make GREAT teddies.  :))

  • What a delight to see all this colour and warmth being distributed. Lovely to see that most of the children are smiling. I love seeing the children's responses to the blankets and toys.

  • What wonderful photos. The best reward in the whole world is seeing the siles on the faces of the children.

  • Love seeing the children with their new treasures. they are so cute.

  • I think I see one of my multicoloured teddy bears
    • That's great, Susanne....good spotting!!!

    • It's a lovely thing that the internet and forum makes it possible to close the circle on donations. In the past, so many people must have donated garments, toys and blankets that just vanished into the blue. We live in amazing times, and of course, it's all thanks to those who take the trouble to take photos at the distributions, pass them on to Ronda, and post them up for members to see. Certainly something to be grateful for!

      • Absolutely Leanne, the photographs of the blankets, and, seeing the children wrapped in them, motivates those of us across the world to keep going - we know that every stitch is making a difference!

        • There is a little girl in a red hat and stripey top who appears in most of the photos at Itswareleng, she has a white teddy that  she is firmly clutching in all the photos. Very precious, like the boy in the red hat at Keletso. Thank you to the distribution team and the photographer as they are all wonderful colourful photos and do so much to make us feel part of it..

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