Joint Aid Management

JAM SA operates in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo and the Western Cape.

• JAM SA supplies more than 50,000 children in over 1,000 day care centers with a fortified Corn, Sugar, Soya + (CSS) 50g portion of porridge every school day. The meal served in its “Red Bowls” contains 75% of the required daily nutrients for a young child’s development.

• JAM SA’s Makeover Program rehabilitates and transforms care centers into a safe, fun and healthy learning environment for vulnerable children. The program is a great way for local corporates, schools and foreign groups to make a lasting and measurable impact on the future of some of SA’s youngest and
vulnerable children. Costs are dependent on the needs of the specific center.

• JAM SA’s Agricultural Development Program in Gauteng Province helps to improve food security by training 900 small farmers with the skills, tools and experience to manage their own community gardens.



Many of the KAS day care centers are part of the JAM system and our volunteers work closely with JAM in identifying centers that may need assistance.

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  • Team Itumeleng from Switzerland had a wonderful celebration at the conclusion of their Makeover.  2965365982?profile=RESIZE_1024x10242965366061?profile=RESIZE_1024x10242930341015?profile=RESIZE_1024x10242965366115?profile=RESIZE_320x3202965366171?profile=RESIZE_320x320

  • 2965365635?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024After a nutritious meal with JAM porridge the team got back to work on the daycare.  The team work hard painting, planting and  getting the children to pose for beautiful artwork. Then a quick trip to the local hair salon.  The Swiss team finishes up this project in Soweto.  For more incredible photos please go to: https://www.facebook.com/JAMIntSouthAfrica/?fref=ts


  • JAM Switzerland is back at work in Soweto.  One picture is taken in the Daycare's  neighborhood.  The Daycare has the painted fence on the right.  The other picture is of team members with the children

    JAM South Africa writes: We welcome #TeamItumeleng from JAM Schweiz!
    Itumeleng Daycare Centre is in Protea South, Soweto.
    We are excited to see how the #makeover progresses and share with you throughout the week!

    For more photo to  https://www.facebook.com/JAMIntSouthAfrica/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf&a...


  • Another wonderful makeover brought to you by the Swiss. We are so humbled by their care for South African children. What a difference they have made to the lives of Mama Julia, her pupils, their parents and the community at Kido's in Soweto. Thank you!

    For more photos and information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/JAMIntSouthAfrica/?fref=ts.  Scroll down to see a day by day transformation.




  • Team Switzerland has completed their work at the Kido Daycare Center.  Here are some pictures from Day 4.  The team has worked really hard to get everything done in time for tomorrow's handover. Well done JAM Switzerland team - you are one in a Minion!



  • Make over in Soweto.

     Updates from the JAM South Africa facebook page posted just this week.  For more information and pictures please go to: https://www.facebook.com/JAMIntSouthAfrica/. The Super Swiss are in town again! This time they have turned their efforts to Kido's DayCare in Soweto. Welcome and thank you JAM Switzerland!

    Day 1 in South Africa
    What an amazing first day! We are overwhelmed by our first impressions and encounters!
    After we reliably from jam South Africa have been picked up. We were able to directly in the townships of orange farm to go to the children of the kita tiyani and to get to know the progress from last year to see. What a reception of this wonderful kids and moms!
    After a first visit to our kita kiddo's with a brief look at the sleeping kids in the temporary. We are excited!
    Jam spoils us as a coronation of the day with a willkommensfest with typical African food, the so-called regional variations of barbecue.
    We are going to enjoy the warmth of these people and process in common talks the extreme gap between rich and poor... we are happy, we must tackle here and help!

    Day 2 in South Africa
    What a day! We are on the move all day on the streets and the townships of Johannesburg. Jam has given us the best people to the side, in order to put this day in the poorest neighborhoods to be allowed to experience and encounters, I guess we will never forget!
    The warmth of the people and bright children's eyes meet us with deep humility. For us, it is hard to imagine how, in such a pathetic life still a smile on the face can have! We distribute the clothes donations from love your neighbour brought and the children's from Switzerland. The visit of the small ones and it is a museum in spite of awe-inspiring story something in the background. We want to distribute all brought gifts and return in the evening with an empty bus and extremely intense impressions back to jam base.

    Day 4 in South Africa
    Full of today, we start our first day at the kita kido's. Our Love Bernie and love herman pick us up at 8 am on the dot on the jam-Base.
    On the ground, we invite all this material and inform us in 2 teams.
    In the pimples team
    :-) and the painter team.
    Each and every one knows after a short time what to do and all give full throttle.
    We always get clearer ideas where what we want to paint and as the area at the end should look like.
    The freedom that our team can decide for yourself that we are very pleased!
    Of course the kids were our highlight again today: both the children of our kita, as well as neighborhood kids! Some were allowed to be there at lunch and the little today with the jam-porridge feed. Of them to be sung, to play and you laugh to see has deeply touched our hearts!


    • Paint is skin deep but what a remarkable effect it has on everyone. Thank you.

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