Our first recipient of the Square Heart Award in 2014 is

Heather Mensah

from York, England

Heather has been a devoted member of Knit-a-Square since 2012. Her needlework is beautiful and abundant! She is committed to making a blanket's worth of squares each month. This was her gorgeous contribution for the September Education Challenge.

Heather created a jumper pattern specifically for the needs of our KASKids, Heather's Winter Warmer. It is featured in the KAS Pattern Book and in this month's challenge, Long Sleeved Garments.

This  gorgeous version was made in the colours of the South African Flag.

If my calculations are up-to-date, Heather has made 32 Winter Warmers and 20 cuddles in the last two years! This does not include all her other garments, squares and toys. Her output is astonishing! 

Knitting and crocheting for the children is more than enough, but Heather is also a lovely and supportive contributor here on the KAS Forum. Heather and her husband are the parents of three beautiful daughters. They run the York City Gospel Choir and have just welcomed a brand new member to their family, their precious granddaughter, Eowyn.

Heather's creative skills don't stop at fiber arts, she is a computer wiz too. She made this collage last year of her contributions for the year 2012.


This is what Heather wrote to accompany her photo:

In January 2012, I found the KAS website and began my KAS journey, producing 3 tiny 'Zanny' sweaters and 6 squares. However, this was so very addictive and I was staggered to realise just how much I have turned out this year! I have also learned to crochet and have 'met' many wonderful people through the forum who have given me endless support and encouragement. Thank you to all the KAS team - you are brilliant!

On the contrary Heather, it is you who are brilliant! Your dedication to the children of South Africa and the beauty of your work are an inspiration to us all!

Please accept this award

with our deepest thanks!

I invite you all to visit Heather's photo page to see all her beautiful creations.

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  • Congratulations Heather, Well deserved:)

  • Oh my goodness!  I don't know why I'm only catching up with this now?

    You are so-o-o-o deserving of this award.  We always have a steady flow of your fabulous work, and I know the beauty of it flows right from your heart. Your support and encouragement means so much to all of us.  Congratulations, Heather !!!  A wonderful way to start 2014  xo

  • KAS is so lucky that you found us Heather!  I can only repeat what many others have said - a very well deserved award and an awesome amount of lovely warm goodies you have produced.  Great work which will bring so much comfort and joy.  x

  • Congratulations on the recognition Heather dear. Your work is a constant source  of entertainment and joy to me. You are working away and suddenly we see it on line. The collage of last year's work was stunning and so beautifully done. I will watch out for more wonderful things this year. I was busy knitting lately and only noticed the announcement when I read the Kas Snippets :)

    • Thanks Maudie - and thanks for the comment and red ribbon you posted on my page x x

  • Congratulations Heather! You are really amazing. I admire how you manage to accomplish so much.

  • I am just overwhelmed by all of your kind and generous comments! 

    KAS means such a lot to me and you are all such an amazing inspiration to keep going. Thank you again for this award. 

  • Heather, the award is so well deserved. Your enormous and creative contribution to KAS is incredible. Sometimes I think: "Does she ever sleep????". You are an inspiration for me and I think for many others. Also many congratulations on your granddaughter Eowyn! :) xoxo

  • Congratulations Heather!  Well deserved!

  • Heather, your output is simply amazing, and I always look forward to see what you have come up with next! You are a blessing to KAS with all of the items you have provided for them, and all your support.

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