One and All.
I hope you all have your needles and hooks at the ready for a bumper year........and  that you received some delightful yarns that you are just itching to create with. 
I went shopping with some yarn gift vouchers I received....I don't imagine you can guess what colour was top of my list....haha
I am excited to start the New Year off with the theme...
Who doesn't love dogs/puppies? cats and kitties??
SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Puppy plus four  CelestialDog  March - A is for Apple
From creatures indigenous to our own country, wherever that may be.........
July 2021 Theme - Around the World  
 or those from a country we have visited.......
Safari Through Africa  A Safari Through Africa
 From the exotic to the everyday.
February 2016 - Celebrate Africa  BigBoyLion
HappyFroggy  PinkBird
From the tallest giraffe to the tiniest ant....
(where's the ant?... I hear you say...well he is tiny...haha)
and everything in between.
 NOVEMBER 2014 THEME - BUGS, SLUGS AND HUGS  NOVEMBER 2014 THEME - BUGS, SLUGS AND HUGS  November 2013 Challenge - Toys and Games and Teddy Bears
CHICKENS..( or in Australia, CHOOKS)  Unshorn Sheep
November. Two Colour Challenge.  October. Waiting to be Chosen.  
October 2021 Theme ~ Waiting To Be Chosen  November 2020 Theme - Happy faces
If picture squares are not your thing, please consider creating pjs (plain coloured squares) or striped or half 'n' half squares in colours representative of your favourite (or least favourite) creatures.
Thumbnail  Moss & Rib Squares Aug 2012
January - The Longest Time - 1 pattern - 4 different squares  
(lion, canary and zebra)
Last, but by no means least.....
Our CoM (colour of the month) for January is the most gorgeous, most delightful, most fantastic colour....
 Scientifically, there are around 29,000 different pink shades currently known to man.
Here's just a few.....
Happy Crafting in the New Year. xo

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  • Absulutley loving this blanket!A child will be ever so happy to recieve it!
    • An absolute STUNNER, Sharon!! The colours, the different patterns, the vibrant border, your gorgeous lion....everything just perfect. One lucky child will grab this with both hands and never let go.  :)) 

  • I made the lion square for the January theme, and just now have completed squares to complement it and turn it into a full blanket.  Only 4 months late ... :-)


    • That’s stunning Sharon…love it!

    • Sharon this blanket is fantastic.    From the superb toning colour choices,  to the different crafting techniques and the majestic large picture square it is a massive success and I LOVE IT ❤️✔️

    • Sharon, to the child who receives it doesn’t matter a jot when it was made, they will be delighted that you did make it for them! The lion is the star of the show, closely followed by the vibrant square and border….. a beautiful, cosy blanket! :))

      • Thank you, Chris.   You are right, of course.   Now, if the post offices, both here and in SA will get their issues resolved, so it can be shipped out and on its way to the child.

  • Thanks for hosting a great month, Bev.

    A 40x40cm SuperOwl Square. 

    • Wow Marion, what a fantastic square! SuperOwl is one of your squares that I’ll remember and the child who receives it will love it :))

    • You are brilliant Marion what a way to end the month. 

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