Welcome to our first 'themed' month for 2024.......
When thinking of diagonals, I liken it to climbing a mountain (or maybe a small hill. I'm afraid of heights!). You can go quickly at the bottom (short rows)....but then as you near the 'summit', the 'path' takes longer....until there you are... 'at the top' (finished increasing your stitches) and then you're laughing, 'cos now it's downhill (decreasing stitches) all the way.....and by the time you approach the finish line, you're practically sprinting (through those last, ever-decreasing rows)!!
Stripes, in all manner, including diagonal stripes, create some of THE most snazzy and interesting blankets. They are also a good way to use up any little leftovers you may still have, hanging around from other projects....Thin stripes, thick stripes, diagonal stripes....all fun, all pretty, all GREAT!!
Let's start the year off with a BANG!!
CoM (colour of the month) is...


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  • Plenty of diagonals and stripes in a C2C Blanket. (Not the best weather for taking photos at the moment!)


    • So colourful, beautiful work!

    • WOW!! LOVE the stripiness of this blanket, Patricia....the colours are brilliant!  

      • It is pretty but I was disappointed with the photo. This indoor shot of the folded blanket is a bit more accurate.


        • Beautiful, very beautiful ♥️

        • Marvellous colours!

          • I think the colours are prettier in your indoor shot, Patricia.

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    This super chunky wool would not have been my choice to use per say, but it was donated for KAS use by a friend who liked it, bought it, and then didn't know what to do with it!

    There were 9 balls which seemed enough for a baby blanket - knit on 15mm noisy needles - it worked up pretty fast!   I knit as far as I could with all that I had of it, and the finished piece measures 43 x 35", an awkward size for a baby blanket but maybe someone could crochet round it or use it as a centre panel for a larger blanket.

    • This will be SO cosy, looks very soft and cuddly

    • Beautiful colours, Karen. I'm sure some clever person will have an idea!

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