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Check out all the participants with their cushions (hand-warmers) and blankets/squares here: Album ONE

 Album TWO

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  • TOYS: 720


    SQUARES: 5848

  • Hi Amy,

    I knitted two more pairs of hand-warmers. Guests keep coming to the Picnic of the Year, so more cushions are needed, right?? (my seamless seams are improving) 


    • Yes, Diana more and more cushions are needed for all our guests.  This pair of hand-warmers are top-notch.  Love the rich darker colors and your work is so neat.

      • Thanks, Amy. I love the new total of hand warmers. Back to knit!! 

    • These look so warm. I love the green one. It looks very saucy.

      • Neat, neat, neat, as always, Diana.  :))

        My fave is the pair on the right......a gorgeous, rich colour.  :))

        • Thanks Valerie and Bev.

          It's a rich red heather. I did a hat & hand-warmers set in the same color. I'm working on your stripes ... kind of.  

  • Hi Amy.

    I knowthat it is never too late to send toys, even if they have missed the picnic!

    A local charity shop has donated these lovely toys, they have more stock than they can manage...... so we will be having a regular supply :))

    Another 10 toys heading to SA........


    TOYS: 720


    SQUARES: 5848

    • What a lovely group of picnickers. The party will surely go with a swing.

    • What a fab collection of wonderful toys, Chris. Thank you and thank you to the very generous op shop.

      I think my faves are the handknitted teddy, top his outfit......and the cheeky monkey with his hands together, trying so hard to be good, so that he can be picked for the next shipment to SA and get a big hug!

      Just took another look and I spy a mother kangaroo and her joey.....did they escape from the London Zoo, perhaps?

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