Welcome to the KAS Monthly Themes for 2015


This year is 'The Year of the PJ'

The simple, much needed squares that are the backbone of KAS.

We hope that KAS folk will celebrate the year by posting photo's of their PJ's for all to see



or crochet...


Simple stitches create wonderful blankets to keep the children in South Africa  warm!

But of course we still want to enjoy seeing the wonderfully crafted squares produced by so many of our talented KAS folk; the works of art that help to make the blankets so special!




I love gardens! A small piece of our world that is ours to care for and enjoy. I am in awe of the changing seasons: the natural rhythm of nature, with plants, flowers, shrubs and trees revealing their splendour throughout the year 'at their time'. Delicate flowers like snowdrops appearing through the earth and snow; the fresh beauty of daffodils and tulips that greet each spring; the blossoms and fresh green leaves appearing on our shrubs and trees; the wonderful variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables that grow in summer; and of course the glorious autumnal colours that herald winter. Throughout the seasons, our gardens are home to an amazing variety of creatures and receive many interesting visitors!

Words alone can't possibly describe the beauty of nature. So I thought I would let Mother Nature show you a little of her beauty, in the hope that you will be inspired to knit or crochet beautiful squares to help keep the children warm, and allow them to have a little beauty in their lives.

Please click on the link below to see 35 photographs, I hope you will be inspired by what you see......




So let us put our imaginations, hooks, needles and yarn to work for our Garden Theme!



I wonder what our wonderful KAS folk will grow........



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    • January Theme 2015 - The Garden

      Very late... As always my ambition far outweighed my capabilities. All I can say is thank goodness Ros offered to crochet some flowers for me...or I'd still be going!!
      This is a memory blanket, made in honour of my dear, sweet Mum-in-law who passed away on October 25th 2014. Gardening was an absolute passion of hers. The white roses in each corner are for remembrance and I have also duplicate stitched some of those flowers that I knew she loved and/or had growing in her garden. Blue bells, daisies, tulips, pansies,irises and fuchsias.....just a few of the many and varied plants that Betty grew in her garden. I'm afraid my photography is as questionable as my computer skills and unfortunately some of the 'picture' squares are a little 'washed' out.

  • Beautiful contribution from Grace Weir for the summer garden.

    Summer Garden

  • Pretty Pansies in purple and pink from Sharon Fennell.  Fabulous first attempt !

    Her comment:   First attempt at the sunburst centre on a granny square, 35 made but need to sew in ends and butterfly

    In the garden - pansy

    January theme- pansy

  • Lilacs and Roses in Tunisian Crochet :)


  • 2965226879?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Here's the final layout for this month's blanket. Hope you like it! 

    This has been a brilliant challenge with so much scope for imagination for all types of KASers. What wonderful  work has been produced by everyone this month! Well done to everyone for so beautifully warming so many precious children!. Thank you so much, Christine, for all your hard work in hosting this challenge. 

  • 2965226865?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Well, here are the last 4 squares for this month's blanket, plus a few daisies to decorate here and there. 

    And, yes Bev, a photo of the whole blanket will be forthcoming soon! 

  • 2930282674?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024A rainbow of PJs for my February shipment.  I was trying different stitches and had fun using up scraps from sweaters and cuddles.

  • Cute Cuddlebug from Grace Weir.  Love the embellishments.


    Cuddlebug 1

  • So wonderful to see so many wonderful designs, patterns, and ideas but most of all the children will love all of these. I miss 1 or 2 days and wow so many to comment on.

    One of my members of our group made a goldfish (since my dad had a goldfish pond in the middle of his garden with a river flowing through it for his irigation system) . Lady A sent me a pic of her goldfish to post. Thanks Lady A.2930282622?profile=RESIZE_320x320

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