On Christmas Eve 2019 Athele traveled to Clarens in Free State Province to distribute 100 blankets.  Clarens is about 300 km away and is in the mountains, the coldest part of South Africa, close to northen Lesotho. She returned on July 1 to supply the rest of the children, about 100, with blankets and warmth.

With the current travel restrictions in South Africa this was not an easy trip to plan.  Athele got the necessary permission and paperwork to make this occur.  This distribution was originally planned for March of this year.

Please let us know is you see any of our amazing work in these touching photos.

The hungry caterpillar blanket by Sunel Botes.

Squares by Cath Riley and sewn together by Estelle.

Here is the link to the previous Clarens Distribution


More photos to follow...

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  • The blankets get more beautiful year-on-year!

    • agree this is a spectacular bunch of blankets!

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    • I love seeing my tractor, shamrocks, sheep, and a lot of plain green squares.   But, OH, the team in South Africa made it so beautiful with the addition of the variegated squares and the yellow to brighten it up.   Fantastic job.

      And, I think the last blanket has your zebra, Amy.   Another terrific animal square from your crochet hook.   

      Thank you, everyone, for all the work that goes into finishing the blankets, doing the distributions, and getting the pictures to us.

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    • My sheep in the centre of the first blanket in this group. I think some of the other squares are mine too.

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