L earning about everything in the world.

E nvironment, this includes the colors, sky,

     weather, buildings and transportation.

A frica, let us embrace everything about Africa

    and South Africa.  Mandela Day is July 18.

R eading is the way we learn about the world.

   Picture squares with words, the alphabet with

   both capital and small letters.

N umbers and mathematics.  We can embrace

  numbers and geometric shapes.

I nternational.  Let us showcase the different

   country flags from around the globe.

N ature can explore animals, plants, bugs and

   all the best that mother nature has to offer

   little children.

G ames, children can learn so much by being

   able to play sports, games, with puppets and

   soft cuddly toys.

This July let us celebrate

The Wonder of Learning.

Here are some pictures from last year for inspiration.


Lets learn about geometry with this Pattern of the Month,

Circles, Triangles and Squares


The Wonder of Learning Photo Album


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  • July 2018 Theme - The Wonder of Learning

    Finally finished......nine stars on a purple square, 10 glittery hearts (some pastel, some bright, most washed out in the photo) on a magenta square.

    • Bev, you are a super star filled with 10 times the love of another.  

      Fabulous job!  What a terrific way to end the theme for July.

  • A 16" Learning Square. Numbers 1-10.


    • Look how every carrot has its own number!  I can't even imagine the amount of time it took to create this incredible work of art.

      Marion you are amazing with your creativity!


      • Absolutely GORGEOUS, Marion!!! LOVE your 'counting carrots'......such a clever idea.  :))

    • Oh Marion what a wonderful square! I love everything about it :))

    • l've just realised that I have forgotten to add his whiskers!  They are made of fuzzy yarn.

  • July 2018 Theme - The Wonder of Learning

    7 strawberries, 8 flowers.....a little late.

    • Wowee, those are terrific.  Your strawberries make my mouth water.

      I love those 70 style flowers, too.

  • Ooops - double posted!

This reply was deleted.