March14 "I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing"

What a wondrous world we live in. Full of intriguing and interesting landscapes, both natural and manmade. From the mountains to the seas, from the newest cities to the oldest civilizations.This month we will take a trip around  the world, discovering new and/or interesting sights....from the smallest flower to the largest structures. We can explore the many things that make our countries unique.

    March 2014 Challenge - Around the World in 31 Days

March14 Kokeshi Doll  March14 African Rainbow  March 2014 Challenge - Around the World in 31 Days    January 2016 theme - Desertscape - Cactus Garden  MARCH 2014 CHALLENGE - Egypt  


Our special events this month include Mandela Day, when we honour the late, great, Nelson Mandela.......

Mandela Day 67 minutes  Mandela Day square

July 2013 Mandela Day square

and the gathering of the world at the Olympic Games.

A Safari Through Africa  Go For The Gold - July 2020  

Our Colour of the Month (CoM) is BLUE. I had many colours in my stash that were a questionable blue, but on googling 'blue' I discovered a site listing 144!! I'm all good.  :)) Here is a little sample from the site. I'm sure we all must have a little in our stash.

Please remember the importance of our Plain Jane squares in the blankets that are created. Perhaps make some in blue or a colour/s inspired by something in your landscape or somewhere you have visited. Have fun...and please share with us.

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  • July 2021 Theme - Around the World

    I got a little stuck in Africa, so I will resume my 'virtual' world tour later in the year.
    Some African animals.

    July 2021 Theme - Around the World

    Meaning of the Zimbabwe flag:
    The national flag of Zimbabwe (Shona: mureza weZimbabwe) consists of seven even horizontal stripes of green, gold, red and black with a white triangle containing a red 5-pointed star with a Zimbabwe Bird. The present design was adopted on 18 April 1980. The soapstone bird featured on the flag represents a statuette of a bird found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The bird symbolises the history of Zimbabwe; the red star beneath it officially stands for the nation's aspirations but is commonly thought to symbolise socialism, and the revolutionary struggle for freedom and peace. The design is based on the flag of Zimbabwe's ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front.
    The national flag of Zimbabwe is made up of five different colours: Green, gold, red, black and white.[13] Officially, the colours of the flag of Zimbabwe carry political, regional, and cultural meanings. Green represents the agriculture and rural areas of Zimbabwe. Yellow stands for the wealth of minerals in the country,[8] predominantly gold. The red symbolises the blood shed during the first and second Chimurenga (wars) in the "struggle for independence". The black indicates the heritage, race and ethnicity of the black majority.
    The white triangle is a symbol for peace.

    Meaning of the Malawi flaf:
    The first flag of independent Malawi was adopted on 6 July 1964. A rising sun against a black field is also present in the coat of arms of Malawi and in the flag it officially represents the dawn of hope and freedom for the continent of Africa (when the flag was created, more countries in Africa were gaining independence from European rule). The 31 rays of the sun represent the fact that Malawi was the 31st African nation at the time of its independence. The black represents the indigenous people of the continent, the red symbolizes the blood of their struggle, and the green represents nature. Thanks Wikipedia.

    I have not included the meaning of the S.A. flag, as I think this was covered in February's theme.

    • Once again fabulous squares Bev. Thanks for the meaning of the flags I certainly didn’t know them. 

    • I've always loved the sound of foreign place names, particularly in Africa and the USA. I remember learning about Africa in primary school but of course so many of the countries have changed their names since those days, and sometimes more than once, so I still need to refer to a map to check their location. All your information is so interesting, Bev, and of course your squares are great too!

      • Thanks Patricia.  :))

        Some flags look so pretty, it is interesting to read the meanings behind the design, which are not always so 'pretty'.

  • Marine Life.

    6 Squares using some more of my old cross stitch pictures from my work basket. I was into Card Making at the time and was going with a marine theme but never got round to using them all. My sister has sewn these onto the squares for me. I’ve used different colours for the backgrounds so they can be used in different blankets if needed.


    • Brilliant idea, Marion. Love these.

    • What an amazing series of cross stitch animals, and such a special way to use them.   It amuses me too,  as I used to do the same with cross stitch pieces on card fronts for friends.   I'm sure I have one or two unused which you've motivated me to seek out.     Love your creativity Marion X

    • Those are beautiful! How are they sewn on - by hand or by machine?

      • My sister has used her sewing machine for these, Sadie, because of the double thickness I find it too difficult to hand sew them easily. She’s made me promise not to do any more of these types of squares for a while!

    • Wow!! They are FABULOUS, Marion!! LOVING all the pictures......and the pretty blues. 

      Your sister is a gem for sewing them on.  :))

      Great teamwork!

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