• Susanne thank you so much for completing this blanket.   A lot of time and effort well spent - and I'd never complain about the timing of it - you can't hurry love!

      • Never too late for such beauty....LOVE it, Sue!!

  • A huge Thank You to you, Karen, for handling this sweet, girly theme.   (And for being patient with my late posting!)

    And another huge Thank You to everyone who contributed such beautiful work.   I always find so much inspiration in the work shown here, and just need to grow extra hands so I can work out all the ideas you inspire.

    Warm Hugs to All, especially the children.

  • I'm only about a week late with this pink and purple C2C blanket.

    There are a few strips with fuzzy texture and some with sparkle, so it isn't just dull.

    I tried to use up all my pink, but there is still some left, along with plenty of purple.  


    • Beautiful work, Sharon!! Well done. I wish to learn to crochet as well one day... Thanks for the colorful spectacle .

      • Absolutely GORGEOUS, Sharon....stunning stripes.  :))

    • Well done Sharon.   Really snazzy girls blanket.  Again... I wish I could master crocheting.

      • Thanks, Karen …. don't give up on crochet just yet.    I learned crochet when I was about 8 years old.   But I tried several times to learn to knit and never could figure it out.   Finally when I was almost 60, I watched some YouTube videos, and got it working.   You've got plenty of time still!!

  • June 2018 Theme - Think Girls!

    Went to lay these squares out in a certain design I had previously drawn up, only to realize I had knitted two too many of the purple and not enough of the rose pink. Ugh!!! now I have laid them out randomly....seems when I go on holidays, ALL of me is on hols, including my brain!!............will crochet an edge when I sew them together.

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