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Over the years of Knit A Square, we have had many themes featuring Africa. The squares and blankets and toys have been amazing!!

With this in mind, we can take a trip back down memory lane and gain inspiration from past endeavours, to create some loving  warmth for the recipient children of 2023......

Using the colours of the South African flag....

South Africa Blanket - May 2022   What's On Your Hook  Around The World  February 2019 Theme: A Slice of Africa

Africa's unique wildlife....

Elephant Applique  Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees Giraffe in mini C2C stitch

LeoLion   BigBoyLion  A Safari Through Africa  Two Color Challenge and Lion Block  January 2021 Theme - Safari Through Africa  February 2018 Theme - Celebrate Africa

The African flower, which everyone has come to know and love....

    African Flower Squares     African Flower Squares  February - Celebrate Africa

Squares and blankets representative of African colours and design.......

                 Hooks and Needles?             Complete blanket 58   12 I Love This Yarn PJ squares                 8 Variegated Squares

   During distributions, part of our 'care pack' for each child is a toy to treasure......

  Xmas Ellies    July theme ... animals abound            February theme - Celebrate Africa   

An important day on South Africa's calendar is Mandela Day....

 April 2022 Theme - Celebrations!!   

Finally.....however you choose to represent


in your crafting, we know it will be created with       

 May Theme - Celebrations

Colour of the month (CoM) is


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  • June 2023 theme - Beautiful Africa.

    Last five squares of African animals. :))

  • June 2023 theme - Beautiful Africa.

    Lions and apes.

    Yarn was a cake called Lime Musk. There is not any lime or musk in it that I can see. Colours are more like avocado/mustard, salmon pink, peach through to an orange/reddish colour . 

    Still have five more appliques to sew on. Wish I was not sooooo slow at handsewing.  :))

    • Fantastic collection, Bev.   I like the colors, whatever their names are, and the appliques are perfect (as always!) 

    • Super squares, Bev - the colours are great, and the children who encounter these animals are going to love them!

    • Another fantastic set of appliquéd squares; I’m amazed your fingers aren’t raw, they aren’t the easiest of things to sew on, I know they’re tough!

  • 12129699857?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Cheers Bev honey!    I've enjoyed this theme and using up some yellow wool has made a little space.   I do have more knitting to finish which was for this theme, but alas my personal life and headspace is scrambled at the moment, so I feel I may put my half done projects away to finish at the end of the year clearout theme time.

    • Thinking of you and sending best wishes for regaining your zen, soon, Karen. xo

      • Beautiful work from your needles as always this month, Karen.   Hoping that things settle down for you, and you can breathe again.

  • 12129691101?profile=RESIZE_710x

    As I have had a lot of this lemon, butter, white, mustard mix wool for years I decided to use the last of it up after doing blanket 71.    I basically knit the wool from both ends of their balls and waited to see what it looked like for hats.   8 hats, wool used!

    • Clever way to use your yarn up, with brilliant effect! :)

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