Glo received a challenge from Anne

Anne ... from Karen G

Karen G ... from Amy

Amy ... from Rebecca

Rebecca ... from Patricia

Patricia ... from Karen G

Karen G ... from Karen B

Karen B ... from Glo

Glo ... from Chris

Chris ... from Karla

Karla ... from Harrison's mom

Harrison's mom ... from Lucinda

Lucinda ... from Glo

Glo ... from Karen G

Karen G ... from Chris

Chris ... from Lucinda

Lucinda ... from Karla

Karla ... from Chris

Chris ... from Glo

Glo ... from Amy

Amy ... from Claire

Claire ... from Rebecca

Rebecca ... from Amy

Amy ... from Glo

Glo ... from Sandra

Sandra ... from Karen

Karen ... from Glo

I've started an album for our squares from this Christmas Challenge.  Once you've completed your challenge and posted a photo of it in this discussion, be sure to add it to the photo section so I can copy it into our album.  Thank you :)

You can find our album HERE

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  • Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this year's

    Just for Fun Christmas Challenge

    3802521002?profile=RESIZE_710xNow ... I would like to challenge EVERYONE 

    to have the a calm, clever and creative


  • Gloria, it was a great idea to host this fun Christmas challenge again....


    • Seconded - it's been fun, and got me back into making squares. My first tunisian crochet square is well under way now! Thank you x

      • Lucinda, my ears perked up when you said "Tunisian Crochet" :)))  And your first one!  I can't wait to see it  ... xo

        • I'll post when done - got your booklet and a couple of hooks for Christmas! Love trying something a bit different x

          • This is fabulous news, Lucinda!  Thank you for supporting KAS with the purchase of our booklet.  I wish you luck as you work through it, and remember I am here if you need help with anything.  We also have several other super TCers who I'm sure will step up to answer any questions :) xo

            • Here it is - a bit uneven and wobbly, and I don't think I was supposed to wrap the end stitches! But I have my first Tunisian crochet square under my belt - onto the honeycomb pattern next x


              • WOW, Lucinda, I LOVE it!  You should be very proud of this beautiful square.  Good for you!  

                I'll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone ... tee hee  Your first attempt is much better than my first attempt was!

                Getting your end stitches even takes practice, and you have done extremely well here.  I am really looking forward to seeing more of your TC work.  Good luck with the honeycomb pattern ... xo

  • Karen has challenged Sandra to make one of her huggable dolls :))

    We have only 3 days left to challenge someone.  No time limit on finishing your items but when you do, please post them here so we can have them all in one album :)

    So now ... would someone like to challenge Karen?

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