KAS Christmas Challenge 2015


It’s that time of year again – can you squeeze in a square over the Festive Season? Who’d like to join the KAS Christmas Challenge for 2015?

This is a mini, ONE-SQUARE challenge to run over Christmas and the New Year.

The ‘Rules’ are as follows:

  1. The challenge runs from today and is open until the 3rd of January. There isn't a deadline for finished squares, although it would be lovely to aim for the end of January.
  2. I'm the first participant. The next person to join me (second participant) will nominate a 'theme' for me to create one square by posting their challenge in the discussion thread below. Once I've made my square, I'll also post a picture of it in the discussion thread.
  3. The next person to join (third participant), will nominate a theme for the second participant, who makes a square with that theme, posting a picture of their finished square and so on.

The challenge theme is up to you! – Colours, holidays, nature, flags, seasons, past themes, future themes… anything!

Once you’ve completed your square, you can rejoin the challenge as many times as you like.

I will close the mini-challenge on 3rd of January by posting a theme for the last joiner.

We made some beautiful squares last year, enough for a whole blanket – here’s a link to the album if you’d like to take a look:

So please, whatever you’re doing, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.... ...and who will start things off by challenging me?

Find our KAS Christmas Challenge 2015 squares here: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/kas-christmas-challenge-2015



1. Karen - animal square (challenged by Amy)

2. Amy - flower square (challenged by Robin) 

3. Robin - cute smiley (challenged by Karla)

4. Karla - a square with sparkly yarn (challenged by Gloria)

5. Gloria - a Tunisian or illusion square (challenged by Sharon)

6. Sharon - a Christmas diagonal (challenged by Linda).

7. Linda - a square of your choice from Member's Patterns in Xmas colours (challenged by Gloria)

8. Gloria - Cro-Knit variegated square in Christmas colours (challenged by Robin)

9. Robin - a bird themed square (challenged by Karen)

10. Karen - a Christmas Lizard or corner-to-corner (challenged by Anneke)

11. Anneke - a Christmas face or miter square in holiday colours (challenged by Amy)

12. Amy - an alphabet square (challenged by Valerie)

13. Valerie - a Christmas fruit square (challenged by Jill)

14. Jill - a plain jane in any colour you wish (challenged by Gloria)

15. Gloria - A blue square (challenged by Louise)

16. Louise - A green square (challenged by Robin)

17. Robin - a snowman, Father Christmas or Christmas tree square (challenged by Louise)

18. Louise - a Christmas candle (challenged by Jill)

19. Jill - a red and bright square (challenged by Paola)

20. Paola - Christmas in Italy (challenged by Amy)

21. Amy - a Spring square (challenged by Karen)

22. Karen - a teddy bear square (challenged by Susanne)

23. Susanne - a square with a little boy's Christmas present (challenged by Gloria)

24. Gloria - a square with a star (challenged by Valerie)

25. Valerie - an owl square (challenged by Karla)

26. Karla - a flower square (challenged by Linda)

27. Linda - Circle in a square or Christmas colours spiral square (challenged by Louise)

28. Louise - a New Year square (challenged by Jill)

29. Jill - a square to represent warmth & love (challenged by Karen).

****Challenge closed**** - see you all Next Year! 

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  • Here's my challenge square at last. I made one earlier but hubby took one look and his face showed what he thought in spite of his" That's not too bad." As personally I thought it was awful, I frogged my owl!!! This photo doesn't show the colours very well and, as for a lot of you, the sparkly yarn doesn't come out sparkly enough.

    It isn't grey, but beige and brown with silver and gold yarn running through it. I've taken a lot of photos in different lighting and they all come out the same.

    I enjoyed this mini challenge and find the vastly different and beautiful squares absolutely delightful.

    I wish you all a very happy New Year.


  • Louise, here are my squares.  I decided to do both your challenges rather than choose :-)

    The green is actually a pretty Christmas green which sets off the "Silverlash" white.

    2015 Christmas challenge

    Here's my version of a Peppermint candy.  I remember getting these in my stocking along with a Mandarin orange. 

    2015 Christmas challenge

    And a third one. This is my Happy New Year square, just because I found the blue in with the white....how 'clever' is that [she says]  I did this so I would remember to use the blue with the Silverlash :-) 

    The front and back of the square.  I prefer the back for its fluffiness.

    2015 December theme

  • Susanne challenged me to a bear square and (apologies for the darkness of the pictures - it's been so overcast all day today) this is what I came up with....


    Wait..... there really is a bear!


    he's quite possibly the smallest, teeniest, tiny bear I've ever made.... about 8cm tall. He's attached inside the pocket with a plaited cord, so he won't fall out and get lost. He might have to go on the edge of a blanket as he's probably a bit lumpy and not too comfortable to lie on, but hopefully somebody will enjoy playing with him. 

    • That is fabulous.  I wish that there was a like button on these threads as I am sure that you would get hundreds of likes for that little chap :)

    • Karen - he's gorgeous!   He must have been so fiddly to sew up and stuff, but there will be one child who will be so thrilled to receive him in their blanket!  xx

  • Karen challenged me to a Spring square.  As I have already done a flower, I remembered that my sons loved flying kites in the Spring.2965333668?profile=RESIZE_320x320

  • Valerie challenged me to make a square with a star.  I loved this challenge and immediately thought of a stitch that I had done down the front of a sweater I made a couple of years ago ... the Star Stitch.  I love this stitch and it actually does look like stars.  So here is my square.



    If you look closely, you can see how this stitch resembles little stars :)


  • Christmas Granny

    We don't have enough squares yet to make a blanket, so I made another one just because.


  • Christmas challenge 2015

    Christmas in Italy is   a peaceful night full of light and colours.

  • Santa Snowman


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