You are invited to our “Christmas Party” right here on the Forum.

It’s a time to gather, share thoughts with our KASfriends, and have some fun.

We hope some of you who like rhyming might pen a poem (or feel free to add one you have read and loved).

Share your favourite Christmas joke or cartoon,

or your favourite recipe ,


your favourite family tradition,

a photo of your Christmas tree or your pet in holiday garb,

your Christmas wish,

your secret for surviving this very busy season,

… anything that tickles your fancy, to get us all in the holiday mood.

This is a ‘feel good’ discussion – our Christmas gift to one another. So grab a cuppa, 

put on your thinking cap (Christmassy of course!)

and join in our celebration of KAS, one another, and this joyous season.

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    This discussion has been such fun and has put the sparkle back into the forum.  I hate to see the fun end just because Christmas is over.

    Why don't we try to keep the buzz going by switching to Bev's discussion "Funny and Fantastic" here 

    It's a great 'meeting place' where we can chat about anything under the sun (or snow).  It has kind of languished since last November.

    See you all in the F&F discussion!

    • Great idea, Anne.

    • Great idea, Anne!  Let's do :))) xo

      • I will 'see you' there!

        • Happy New Year everyone, I have just 'missed Christmas' so looking forward to 2018 and being in touch with you all again.

          • Dear Jude, you were missed.  So glad to have you back again :)))  Hope you're feeling better... xo

            • Have you been unwell, Jude??? Sorry to hear this....I assumed you were still partying from your birthday.  xo

              • Unfortunately I spent 4 days in the local NHS hospital and eventually came home Christmas night! Reached 70 and then fell apart the following week lol xx

                • Oh you poor thing, Jude!! Thank goodness you were at least allowed home on Christmas night.....hmmm, I'm still a little suspicious........partying too hard, perhaps. I hope you are okay now and have made a good recovery. xo

            • Nearly Hogmanay Greetings from Scotland ! 15 mins to go. I was at my parents and my first haul of 35 squares went down for posting on wed - when the post offices open again

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