Here is the KasShop report for March.

We totaled $825.87 this month, thanks to a very generous donation, with $60.97 going towards yarn for the gogos. Keep up the great work on the Pay the Customs Handling Fee!

Some news from Ronda:

"Price increases seem to be out of control at the moment, but perhaps after the election on 8th May, things might settle down a bit.

Everyone seems on edge just now.

We have been obliged to buy some large knitting needles to help manage the Redefine Properties project – plus large crochet hooks for the gogo groups who will be involved."

It does seem that expenses are growing. Here's the expenses breakdown for March:


On Saturday April 6, even with rainy weather and a low turnout of children, our Mass Distribution of Blankets was a huge success.  Many thanks to Tracy, her family, friends and church for taking on the task and caring for so many children in South Africa.

Click [HERE] for a great report and some fabulous photos!


Mary Ellen McWhirter
Julie Keating
Carol Ann Cooley
Claudia Carden
Susan Phillips
Helen V Higgins
Pam Clements
Elize Horn
Kathryn Swederske
Susan Bair
Lynne Thompson
Robin L Barton
Edith L Barton

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While we like to receive squares that measure 8 inches X 8 inches (20cm X 20cm) nothing is ever wasted at KAS. If your squares happen to fall short (or long :) of our measurements, they will always be put to good use.  Several of our volunteers are incredibly skilled at creating beauty from odd sized squares ...

In the words of one of our members, "Thank goodness for these fantastic women. They certainly work magic with these mismatched squares."



Posted by Erica Smith on January 5, 2011

[Reposted from the December Challenge thread by request.]

My December Project...

The December 2010 challenge caught my attention in a way that none of the other challenges had. Like most people, when someone asks "What does the world need most?", the first words which pop into my head are "World Peace". (Thanks, Miss Congeniality!)


But that didn't really feel enough for me. It's not something tangible, it's not something which I have any direct control over, and most importantly, it's only an end goal. End goals are great, but it's strategies which get you there, and I really wanted to come up with something that was a bit closer to a strategy.

What I really wanted, and what I really felt the world needed, was for every person in the world to have their minimum needs met, so that they are able to be the best possible person that they can be. That's a tall order, and I'm neither a social scientist not a philosopher, so I decided to have a hunt around for some inspiration along that theme. Eventually, I stumbled across Manfred Max-Neef's Fundamental Human Needs. It is a list of nine things which are the basic requirements for all human beings to be happy. They are universal, in that they are not based on one particular culture or economic system. They are not sequential; you don't meet one then move onto the next, they all interrelate. They are also, conceptually, quite simple. They are ideas that everyone is already familiar with.

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Are you a puzzler?  Do you have a favorite type of puzzle?  Please let us know if you enjoy these new additions to our KAS Snippets editions :)

You will find our April puzzles [HERE]

Have fun!


The winner of last month's Kaption It Kontest is


"Well, Tom Daley says the secret to synchronised diving

is to be in tune with your partner."

~ ~ ~ ~



~ ~ ~ ~

 This month's Kaption It Photo

Join the fun and write a "kaption" for this photo.

Our judges will choose their favorite and the winner will get to choose

one of our gorgeous downloadable KAS Art Prints from the KAS SHOP!

Simply type your suggested captions below in the comments section. Our judges will pick them up, make a list, and choose a winner.

~ Our winner will be announced in next month's KAS Snippets ~ 


Hosted by Valerie

This month, our contributors are sharing their love for yarn, their love for crafting, and their love for the children.  Pop in and have a look around.  Who knows ... you might be inspired to make just one more square ... or try something new!

Thank you, Marion, for putting our

Free Pattern of the Month to such good use ...

On May 1, Bev is going to invite us all to a


She has chosen our humble PJ ... (KNIT or CROCHET) ... for our

Pattern of the Month 'cause she just knows how much

our volunteers need them to complete blankets for the children


because all your little PJs are going to play a BIG part in Bev's May theme. 

Watch for it!

To see more details, please click [HERE]


Just like the buses you wait forever then two come along at once!

Earlier this month, John and I went to Lancashire for a 4-day break and one of the days we took the train to Blackpool.  My plan was to find Lollyslil Wool Shack where a lot of us buy our wool online.  I told Cath Riley I was going to her wool shop and she suggested we meet up the following afternoon at the wool shop.  I was, of course, was carrying my KAS Tote bag which Christine Chiplen gifted me which would give Cath a clue, I thought.  

The minute Cath walked through the door it was as if we had know each other for ages.  It goes without saying that Cath won the ‘how much more wool can we buy’ competition, although Joan Humm thought as I travelled by train I could fill the carriage!  

Conveniently there was a coffee shop near, so we had coffee and carried on our conversation about all thing wool-related.  We had a super afternoon but we suddenly realised that they were waiting to close the coffee shop!

A week later, Diana D was visiting her daughter in the UK so I promptly invited her to Purton to join our knitting group.  Diana bought her ticket from London to Swindon but on her day of travel the Climate Change Protestors hampered everyone’s travel plans - including Diana’s!

At 4pm Diana eventually arrived in Swindon - too late for knitting group but not too late for a pot of tea, a good natter and a quick trip to a Charity shop and …surprise, surprise … we didn’t buy a thing!  

After a quick visit to my bungalow it was time to go back to Swindon to catch her coach back to London, but not before she left a raffle prize for next month, flowers for me and a bag of KAS goodies for me to post with my SA flag blanket.  

Our knitting meeting this month had an Easter theme so I thought you could all see how easy we find it to eat and Knit!

Homework hats!

Linda and Audrey folding raffle tickets.

We had even done ‘Guess the weight of the Cake’.

Sorry … Audrey is eating her cake!



Leanne Hunt

Opening day at the barn this week was busy and noisy. Some days are like that. People pop in with bags of blankets or squares and spend time chatting with Ronda or admiring the items that are being photographed. Tango, my attention-seeking guide dog, usually gets lots of pats and tummy scratches too, I have to add!

The volunteers were excited because the mass distribution we had been working towards went off well. Several of the volunteers actually attended the handout and witnessed the delight on the faces of the children who received their gifts. The distribution came at a good time because a cold front swept over the country on the weekend, bringing heavy rain and chilly temperatures.

Our next big target now is Mandela Day in July.

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