This lovely story about a KAScuddlebug will make you smile and have you rushing to make and send cuddly toys for the children to love!  Read it here in Ronda's report of a distribution to

Foundation Daycare

After visiting Salvation Daycare, Ellen quickly directed us along our way to the Foundation Daycare, a much smaller and very newer facility for around 20 children, ably cared for by Anna.

Along the way we photographed a bunch of children loitering in the street, waving at the KASvan and shouting "umlungu !" which means "white person !" - evidently not a common sight in their neck of the woods !

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Why not browse the ‘aisles’ of our KAS Shop.  Here, $5 will supply a whole bag of fruit for the children.  $5 will help supply gas for the KASvan.

You may end up having to cook your own dinner, but you will put a smile on a chlid’s face and a warm feeling in your heart.



August's theme


is filling up with the most amazing creations from our contributors.  Heather Mensah is hosting this gloriously sunny theme.  There is still time to join your KASfriends in knitting or crocheting something bright and beautiful for a child's blanket.  




August 2016

NOVEMBER THEME 2015: Oceans,Land, Sky and Space

Thank you Anneke for the square Heart

Goes to:

Margaret Stannard
& friends!

I hear you all saying how come ? Who is she?

That is just why she is the recipient of this award. Margaret is one of our silent contributors who does so much in the background and is never seen on the forum. Margaret contributes100 squares nearly every month to Christine Johnson who makes them into blankets, and sends them along to KAS SA. Thank you too Christine.

Read about Margaret and her friends here



Loom Comfort Doll by Denise M. Canela (LoomaHat)

The advanced beginner will enjoy making this delightful doll.  It is approximately 8 inches/20 cm in height, just the right size for a child to cuddle. 


Loom knit doll by Denise M. Canela (LoomaHat)

A child in South Africa would love to have a toy of their very own.  This doll will become a special friend to be hugged and provide opportunities for creative play and imaginative conversation.  

Assorted loom knit dolls by P. Jeanne Haessler (Canada)


Create a girl doll with just a few changes to the Finishing Touches.

Girl doll by Denise M. Canela (Loomahat)

Loom doll by Klara (Netherlands)


The Loom Knit Doll is available in The KAS Pattern Book where other patterns are available, please try as many as you like.


Many, many children are waiting for:

8" (20 cm) knitted or crochet Squares (it takes 35 squares to make one child's blanket)

Cuddly Toys



Our mailing address is:


One KAS contributor has completed her 250th blanket ... 8,750 squares!! ... in just over 2 years!  Amazing!!!  Aren't you just a teensy weensy bit curious who this is?

Find ouhere.


Take a look at what's arriving and being

 Sorted in South Africa




Please visit the website: click on: "Received Squares"

Because of the large volume of parcels, Ronda and the Team are unable to send personal notification of parcel arrival.  Please check the Squares List.

Thank you for your understanding.

In July, 197 parcels were opened by the SA team. The contents were 7,831 Squares (equal to 223 blankets) , 442 Hats, 218 pairs Handwarmers, 74 Toys, and many other goodies.

Figures are low.  The reason is that parcels were sent to the wrong post office [a South African Post Office mistake ]. The Post Office asked Ronda to pick up the parcels, which she has done, so the August tally most likely will be higher.

At the moment it is PARCELS GALORE!  Take a look at and you will see that MANY and BIG parcels have arrived AND you will see a VERY HAPPY Ronda!


Whether you send one square or 35 squares, never underestimate the value of your gift!  Volunteers lovingly sew each square into a blanket ...

... and each blanket becomes a treasure for a child.




Just a reminder that


Not for herself 

but for the children.

This charming little "Missy" was created by Anneke using Roz's lovely pattern.  Can you imagine the hugs this adorable little bear will receive when she becomes a 'forever friend' for a child in South Africa?

Missy is a whimsical little bear with an amusing story to tell.  And if all accounts are true, she wrote it herself!

 Find Missy's story here. 

 If you would like to create a playmate for Missy and a child, you can find the pattern here.


To join our Forum, please go to our Main Page and click 'sign up'.

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  • As others have said, this is a truly fantastic Snippets. Thank you for all of your hard work, Gloria. It was a brilliant read. Also, thank you for including a mention of Larry in the e-mail and a picture of one of my squares in the Snippets!!! It's the first time for me!

  • Fabulous edition of Snippets Glo !   Lots of interesting and thought provoking articles.

  • Thanks Gloria for putting this all together.  A true labor of love.  Great read.

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    • Another bumper issue, Glo. As always, beautifully presented.  :))

      Thank you for all the time you put into Snips each month to ensure that we are kept updated with all the fun, interesting and colourful snippets of K-A-S and our wonderful members. :))

      • Thank you Glo, a fun and interesting read !

  • A great new issue of Snippets...thank you for the links in it as well, nice shortcuts! I have to say I went back to one of the Duduza dolls, the girl, and gave her a lace frilly collar.  She's smiling wider now.

  • Why are you adverting junk food in regard to the KasShop, who eats that stuff anyway.  A photo of a cup of coffee would have been more on the mark. The link to see about Margaret and her friends HERE does not work.

    Fantastic to see Ronda and her parcels. Thanks for a great catch up.

    • Thank you for the heads-up, Maudie.  I have changed the link that didn't work, and if you have the time could you please try it now and let me know how you make out.

      The junk food?  Good for you, girl.  I don't like it either, but as Andrea says, many people splurge on it!  I am always amazed at the traffic jams in the parking lots and drive-thrus of the junk food restaurants :)) xo

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