A special visit to Kya Sands

Ronda received a call from Pearl for 60 blankets and KAS delivered. 

Read more about this distribution here.

Fluerhof Informal Settlement

Courtney Green, an associate of Athele, requested blankets from KAS to be distributed in conjunction to a food distribution.  The photographer that accompanied her took some amazing photos. This distribution actually took place in June, but these are new photos.

See more here.

A return trip to Clarens

Athele returned to Clarens on July 1 to distribute more than 100 blankets.  This trip was planned for March, but due to the Corona Virus lock-down it was postponed.

See more photos HERE.


Here are three links to Post Offices where you can check to see if you can mail items to South Africa.  If you have a link to your country postal system, please share that with us.  Thank you.

Australia - https://auspost.com.au/about-us/news-media/important-updates/coronavirus/coronavirus-international-updates#updates

South Africa is Zone 8.

Economy service is fully suspended due to flight cancellations, airport closures and the measures implemented to limit and reduce the spread of COVID-19.




Leanne has set up a KAS YouTube link.

Check it out today at, YouTube.

She has posted some videos on basic knitting information for Knit a Square.


Paypal donations slowing down a lot, but it’s entirely to be expected and we are staying within budget for a change anyway.


July Theme 2020

Chris Chiplen has given us a very good summary of what

Go For The Gold

means for KAS, as we celebrate this month's theme.

As I was crocheting my gold squares, I was thinking that talented Olympians are not the only ones who deserve a gold medal, I can think of some others....

~ All those who make and send their squares, blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys to KAS 
~ Those who are the ‘gatherers‘ and send off large parcels of wonderful crafted items to SA
~ The Mods who work hard behind the scenes to keep the forum an interesting, informative, happy, supportive place to visit
~The folk who fundraise for KAS 
~ The GoGos who cleverly convert the squares into blankets
~Last but not least, the amazing team in South Africa who sort, stack, pack, sew, and distribute  the blankets to the children!

Click HERE to read more.


Athele shared the photos of the many blankets she has been sewing together since the lock-down began.  Check out here photos of the blankets and her cats, here.

July 14 Podcast

As South Africa enters its fourth month of lockdown, the weather is turning bitterly cold. Regular distributions are out of the question but our volunteers at Knit-a-Square have found ways to hand out blankets, beanies, hand-warmers and toys to the children in spite of the restrictions.

In this episode, Leanne interviews Bongi about her visit to an orphanage in central Johannesburg. Then she chats to Athelé ahead of her trip to Clarens in the Free State, and follows that up with a report on how that trip went.

All in all, this is an episode full of cultural contrasts and scenic detail.


Leanne has added two informative posts to this discussion about the current situation in South Africa.  Here is a small exerpt.

Another piece of good news is that the South African post office is once again receiving parcels from overseas. This means you can begin to mail your items to us again! However, your country may have its own restrictions on post, so please make enquiries before venturing out. The coronavirus pandemic seems to be resurging in many countries and we urge you all to be extremely careful when visiting public spaces

Read more of her post by clicking here.


Sweets for My Sweet

There are so many bright colours in Smarties and M&Ms as well as the stripes of seaside rock candy sticks and humbug sweets.  The stripes of candy canes at Christmas and of peppermint sweets with their green and white.


Out Knit Along, hosted by Rebecca Price worked on the Mitre Square and Diagonal Stripes the month.  Check out this discussion here.


We are sorry to report that there is not a June Squares List.  This is due to the Global Postal Service interruption due to COVID.  We are hoping to have a report next month.

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  • Thank you Amy :))

  • Hi it's been a while since I was last on here, I have yet to send any squares I've been a long time lurker and love seeing the progress you've accomplished. 
    I've finally learned to crochet so I am looking forward to getting some going. 
    I do have one issue that I was hoping someone was able to help me with I may be in the wrong area for an answer if I am please redirect me. 
    My question is this: My postal system won't let me get away with putting $0 onto the parcel as no value. It doesn't get accepted and sent over seas it just get's sent back. I was wondering is it ok just to put $1- on the parcel value or does this affect you receiving it?


    • I forgot to say that if you look on the Helpful Hints post, you'll find a lot of info on postage.

    • This is a problem that faces some of our members. If $0 is not accepted, you can put $1, but no more otherwise we have to pay customs tax.

  • Amy, you've done a fantastic job as always. I love the Snippets because it's so useful having access to all the information on KAS in one place.

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