Please send your squares flat.

If you are sending a large number of squares it is helpful if they

are bundled into multiples of five. (5, 10, 15, 20...)

The KAS team appreciates receiving bundles of 35 (a whole blanket)

All ‘ends’ should be darned in. The 20inch (50cm) ‘tail’ for sewing up should be butterflied to avoid tangling during unpacking as shown HERE.

If squares are sent rolled up or not butterflied it takes valuable time to straighten everything out and prep for making blanket packs.

 Sorting Room pictures from June are found Here. 

If you use PayPal to send payments to KAS they are having an update on their system.

How do I check and upgrade my web browser?  click here

For a quick check their site says:

Please visit our sandbox site from each of your browsers. 

If the page loads, you are already upgraded."


Estelle and Athele recently made a special distribution to Acres of Love

Wow! What a beautiful gift to receive from Knit-a-square. 130 beautiful blankets, beanies, and hand warmers made with love by women all over the world. These will be treasured and used by our kids in Johannesburg, Benoni, and Cape Town this winter. Thank you for using your gifts to bless us!

Acres of Love

Just as our yarn stashes continue to grow and grow, so do our members on the Forum.  Welcome to these crafters:

River John's Square Knitters in Action on Knit-In-Public Day

June 9, 2018 was Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  Each year, the River John Square Knitters take this day very seriously.  As we do every K-I-P Day, we divided ourselves into small groups and each group chose a different venue where we sat to knit and crochet and chat with all who stopped by.  


We also took this opportunity to raise postage funds by selling our boutique items.  

It was the perfect opportunity to introduce people to our group while raising awareness of Knit-a-Square and the children.


We are extremely fortunate that River John and surrounding communities are populated by some of the most generous and supportive people and we always come away feeling it was a day well spent.


This year, some of our group who couldn't attend let us know they were with us in spirit and some were knitting wherever the were ... like our dear Cate.  


She wrote to say, "I was so disappointed not to be able to be with you ladies for WWKIP Day this year, but know that I was thinking of you and was with you in spirit! I was in a production of a show called Seussical (a musical based on Dr. Seuss stories), and we had two shows that day, a matinee and an evening performance. I brought my knitting, though, and managed to do a little backstage!"


 Here she is in costume and stage makeup... knitting in public ... backstage!


A little bit about the Philile Foundation : Our objective is to establish early childhood development centers (pre-schools) in disadvantaged communities, running programs that are aimed at the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development of children. We do this through the support of sponsors and by employing and training teachers from the local communities.

Diepsloot is a township in the north of Johannesburg and is home to about 150,000 people; many of whom live in 3m-by-2m shacks assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal.



Chapter 5 gives us some insight into the different groups of people that have been sewing blankets together for KAS over the year;  Gogos, KAS Volunteers, Friends of Volunteers, KAS Crafters, and even Inmates.


This month is all about the GIRLS, pinks, purples, lilac, peach, bows and butterflies.  We are embracing girl power.  They can be dancers, scientists, athletes, artists or even moms.


We are in the middle of blanket distribution season.

Pictures from Twinkle Star and Funda Day Care Centers 

Pictures form Protea South Methodist Church

Pictures and note from Buhle Bezwe


Hotel Hope is one of KAS's outreach organizations. They serve newborns and their mothers, some of whom are just 12 or 13 years old.  Please enjoy Ronda's report in KAS Connects

Thomas now collects the parcels and waits to pay the duty required each Monday using the KASVan then takes the parcels to the KASBarn, and, has done so for many months this year. Ronda has been an absolute stalwart over the years in making the collections, often with no help, but it has become far too much for her.

For this month we would like to appeal to our members for financial support in order to pay Thomas a small stipend to ensure that we are able to retain his services, and, prevent Ronda from being tempted to return to this weekly task!

You can read more about Thomas on this page.

Click HERE to help support Thomas and all he does for KAS.


Mandela Day Magic With KAS 2013

July 19 is Mandela Day is South Africa.  People are encouraged to spend at least 67 minutes doing community service.  See what are KAS volunteers were doing that day 5 years ago.


Because of the heavy workload for the small KAS Team, hats, handwarmers and toys will not be recorded anymore, but please keep sending them because they are desperately needed. In the 2018 Squares List the names of the senders, number of parcels and number of squares will be recorded. Please fill in the Packing Slip completely.


The focus for 2018 and for some time to come will stay as is:

Squares for blankets, hats, handwarmers and cuddly soft toys.

 To see more details, please click [HERE]



We received 15.589 squares in May, equal to 445 blankets.

In total 66.305 Squares, equal to 1.894 blankets!



May Financial Update 

Many thanks to all of our contributors for a very successful May in donations.  Our May appeal was to increase the gogos stipends to $2 per blanket that they sew, while we saw an increase in giving we will only be able to increase the stipend to $1.50/blanket.  Every little bit will make a difference.

  To see more details about May's donations click here.

Blanket Room Beauties

You can delight in more than five pages of eye candy blankets by clicking BLANKET.


Leanne reports on cold weather in South Africa, lots of visitors, many packages from Australia and much more. 

Please click HERE to read more about the activities in the KASbarn.

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