Have you had yarn in your stash for a very long time, just waiting to be chosen, but you have passed over it in favour of other, newer yarn? Or, perhaps you have bought some yarn from a charity shop, never used by its previous owner, and it was just sitting there waiting…… then it was chosen by you!

   This month we are celebrating all the items in your stash waiting to be chose to be put into a project for the children in South Africa.

   This discussion is being filled with all sorts of fun patterns, appliques and colors, especially purple as that is the COM.  Please visit this discussion; 



Wandi went out on October 19 for the first distribution of the October - December quarter.

You can see more photos in the discussion:


Third Quarter Distribution Discussion can be found;



As our Blanket Cake grows and grows, we are then blessed with photos of all the incredible creations made from all the squares that are received by our volunteers in South Africa.

Patricia has been graciously posting photos several times a week for our eyes and our hearts.  If you visit this discussion on any given day, you might just catch a square or a blanket that you have made for a child in South Africa.


  It's that time of year when we start thinking about themes for the following year. We would love it if you would share any suggestions or preferences with us.

  You may have something 'new' you'd like to try.....or a favourite from years past. We attempt to incorporate as many ideas as is possible.

  To see what people are already suggesting visit the Forum discussion here; 



The September Squares List is available.

Monthly totals:

During September we recorded 371 parcels containing 24.028 squares, equal to 686 blankets.

Many other items were received, such as hats, hand-warmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

Please - if you like-  take a look at discussion page "The Barn 2021" , if not yet recorded on the Squares List maybe you can spot your items there. Piles and piles of blankets, hats, squares and toys!

Here is the link: http://www.forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-barn-2021



Please find below the Squares List as an attachment:  2021 SEPTEMBER SQUARES LIST.pdf and click on it to open it:


All sorts of activity has been going on in the Barn this month.  Large shipments coming in for different parts of the world, our blanket cake grows and grows, and then is all eaten up by distributions...then it grows and grows again.

Toys have been coming in and the ladies just love to check them out.

Of course, there are thousand of squares...many just waiting to make their way to our gogo groups for sewing into blankets to warm children.  

See all the detail in The Barn discussion;


As the holidays approach, particularly in the northern hemisphere...it is time to start baking special treats for our family and friends.  


In the fall of 2019, we held a Virtual Cookie Exchange on the forum. Members were asked to submit their favourite Christmas goodie recipes. Rather than have them disappear once the discussion was closed and filed away, we asked our wizard, Andrea, to compile them into a downloadable cookbook for you to enjoy.



Here are the KAS Shop reports for August and September. August's total was $499.73...

...and we raised $948.22 in September!

Many thanks to all of our supporters.


Our very own Karen Gordon is working her way through the

KAS 35 Square Make A Blanket Book

Please note that this book is all knitted patterns.

She has completed the first 14 squares and has pledges totaling $22/square with additional matching funds and

donations from friends in the UK. 

Check out this discussion to see her progress and post pictures of your work from this free booklet that can be found in the KAS Shop. 

Square #9 in the COM for October


In October 2008, KAS was started after a family reunion

in Melbourne, Australia.

You can read all about the very beginning of our KAS history in these two discussions prepared by Linda Maltby for our 10th Anniversary series.




Are you ready for a challenge?

The theme for November is Two Color Challenge!

Stripes, borders, diagonals, half and half or grannies, we know you can knock this challenge out of the park.

The Color of the month is...just for you coffee lovers...

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  • So very colourful and informative.  Thank you for your hard work Amy.

  • Amy, thank you for putting together another interesting edition of our newsletter.  Very colorful and informative.  A nice trip down memory lane with your peek into the archives!

    Also, I thank you for reminding us of our FREE KAS recipe book. What fun we had putting that together.  I made several of the yummy treats last year at Christmas and plan to make more this year :)

    I, too, love the poem you chose ... xo

  • Lovely poem!
  • What a well oiled wheel is KAS. Thank you for such a coordinated update. Imagine someone new joining up and seeing the wrap this month. It is a credit to all of you. Wool-Girl continues to charm. A teacher friend of a friend was shown it during my visit and she was in love with every page. She wished she had more textless books when she taught. I hope she goes on to support KAS.
    The images of the squares in Snippets are so sharp I can almost touch them. Good for you struggling through the tough eighteen months the world have had. I think of the children and all of you and hope you are safe.

    Keep going! xxx

    • I see the squares list has a big shipment from Wool-Girl’s special wonderful friends at the Scots Memorial Mission Club. They share the love.

  • I was lucky to stumble across this poem.  Project Linus started in the US, but I see there is a UK organization also.

    It truly speaks to all of us involved with KAS and what we do to support the South Africa team.

  • Just love the poem Amy.  A very persistent thought when crafting.

  • Another poem to bring tears to the eyes, and a determination to keep on crafting as much as possible.

  • Thank you Amy for an informative Snippets. I absolutely love the poem. 

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