This was our first visit to the area known as Eikenhof - far south of Johannesburg and east of Soweto proper.

We had been introduced to the area by our volunteer driver, Joel, who brings Lindi, Wandi (and now Mabel) to KAS volunteer days every Tuesday.  He doesn't live in Eikenhof, but has many contacts there through his church.



Unfortunately, Wendy has had to resign from the Board and will have less time to spend with Knit-a-Square.  She plans to try to make it to opening days at least for December and January.  

A much-deserved Thank You, Wendy, for all your hard work on behalf of Knit-a-Square and good luck as you move on.

Now we welcome Mabel who has taken Wendy's place on the Board.

Mabel is making Wendy's leaving much easier for Ronda!


Since Christmas will soon be here, we're giving you an extra little gift ... a chance to


Following Helen's successful 'gogo blanket appeal', Ronda thought our contributors might be interested to meet some of the Gogo groups ... Warts and All!

So for a little insight into some of the surprises and challenges that Ronda and her team face, please click here.



A very important message regarding POSTAL ORDERS.

They are impossible to cash in South Africa and sadly, they end up being of no value to KAS.

Please choose another method of contributing, as every donation counts.  No matter how large or how small, they are all very much appreciated. 

Here are some great ways to make sure your generous donation is received immediately and put to good use:

1.  Make a monthly donation here

2.  Make a one-time donation here

3.  Honor a special someone with a donation in their name.  Choose our lovely donation cards and give two gifts in one.  Find them here

4.  Choose an item or two from our newly renovated KAS Shop.  You'll find some terrific ideas! 

Enter here



A lovely collection of photographs taken when Ronda and Wandi spent time with the Gogo groups - collecting blankets, ululating, singing, dancing and speechifying with them all! We paid for all the blankets collected and delivered more blanket packs at the same time, with wool, needles and other bits.



The chaos at the Bryanston Post Office has definitely slowed the advance of the virtual Van.  With this in mind, would you please add your squares to the discussion when you have enough for a blanket rather than when you mail them.  This way the Van will be able to pick up speed and arrive at the Office before too long.

The Van is ‘crossing the street’ and will start an ‘uphill’ battle to reach the next corner.


Now that we are able to start sending our parcels, please continue to use the usual address at Bryanston.




Visit  Click on “Received Squares”  

Updated Graphs are available HERE

AND ... we may start sending our parcels again!!! 

Please continue to use the usual address:


Private Bag X900,

Bryanston 2021,

South Africa

And here is a photo of the new Post Office!

Sadly this is the lowest total so far this year.  After a fabulous July with 27,513 squares, the postal situation meant very few parcels were received in November.  After much sleuthing Ronda finally tracked down the parcels. They had been redirected to another post office but no one thought to contact her !  With more parcels to open, December’s numbers should be almost back to normal.

Although there weren’t many parcels to open, the volunteers were busy making blanket packs for the Gogos and also creating ‘gift’ blankets.  Imagine the delight, when the child discovers a hat and hand-warmers wrapped inside the blanket.

SQUARES: 1,881 [53 blankets]



If you're looking for a bigger dose of cuteness, have a look through our 



For beauty, inspiration, and to find out what happens to all those lovely squares we make, have a look at our




Ronda has made a special request:  She would like to receive Mandela Day squares in late March to give the Gogos and volunteers time to incorporate them into blankets for the occasion.

This means we can start making them now!  

Since ...

-  December's theme is Stash Busters, Easy Peazies, Plain Janes, and other Favorties, and

-  January's theme is Beautiful World, and

-  February's theme is Celebrating Africa

... we shouldn't have any trouble including some Mandela Day squares in these themes.

Oh ... and Ronda says ... 



 Knit For Life raises funds to send thousands of items to Knit-a-Square every year.  To help, all you need to do is vote.

Click here to find out how.


A special THANK YOU! to Susan H. for making time amid the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations to host our


Stash Busters, Easy Peezies, Plain Janes and other Favorites

Pop in for a peek at some beautiful squares and

meet some of the ladies who made them ... Earlston Wednesday Club!

If you find you have some time to pick up your needles or hooks, please join us ... there's still time!!

Click here to join the fun.

And don't stop there!  Check out Karen's KAS Christmas Challenge!

This is a mini, ONE-SQUARE challenge to run over Christmas and the New Year.

The ‘Rules’ are as follows:

1.  The challenge runs from today and is open until the 3rd of January. There isn't a deadline for finished squares, although it would be lovely to aim for the end of January.  Read on ...


January Pattern of the Month

Hand-Warmers:  a crochet and knit pattern

Celebrating the joy of receiving gifts from caring people around the world.

These Hand-Warmers will keep the girls warm while they are working in their school. It must be very difficult to hold a pencil when one’s fingers are cramped with the cold.

Hand-Warmers are fast and easy to make, either with a hook or needles.

The ribbing allows for extra warmth as well as stretch to fit the child as they grow.  Soft, acrylic yarn is fine and makes a cozy covering for the hand. However, if you are concerned about warmth please use 100% wool or a wool/acrylic blend. Do not use a thicker yarn as the children need to be able to write while wearing the Hand-Warmers.

For crocheters, please look carefully at the photo below before joining the sides.  The ribbing must go around the hand to give the Hand-Warmers the needed stretch so that every child can wear the Hand-Warmers.  If their hands are small the Hand-Warmers will fit neatly, if their hands are larger the ribbing will stretch to fit the hands.  Try the Hand-Warmers on your hands….does it stretch to fit your hand (a bit tight but it will stretch).  If there isn’t any stretch then the direction of the ribbing needs to go the other way.

The Hand-Warmers must ‘hug’ the hand to be useful.

Please Note: The team in SA ask that when sending the Hand-Warmers, to please place one inside the other for ease of distribution.

Knit and Crochet Hand-Warmers patterns are found in

 The KAS Pattern Book


Let's all plan ahead to


with our


You can find the complete lineup here



edited by Sue Gillman

The December 2015 SQUARE HEART AWARD Goes to:


Karla is from Opava-Podvihov Czech Republic. 

She joined the KAS family in January 2013.

Read about her and see photos of her beautiful work here


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  • Another great edition of KAS Snippets, and thank you, Gloria, for giving a profile to the ladies of Earlston Wednesday Club - they will be thrilled. I was delighted to read of the good news on the post office and have just posted 85 squares off to South Africa.
  • Such a beautiful and vibrant edition of KasSnippets - well done Glo! 

  • Thank you Gloria for pulling together such a great news letter; I enjoyed your use of colour and the other festive embellishments! Lots of good news!

    Happy Christmas!

  • Brilliant Read Gloria, wishing all of my KAS friends, a very happy Christmas, thank you to each and everyone of you for the part you play in KAS :-)
  • Thank you Gloria. I love the festive colours of the text - certainly keeps us focussed. Karla has inspired me to do the DUCK - it is a work in progress and is looking good so far. I am building a blanket around it. Congratulations Karla on your award.

  • A great read, Glo.  Thank you Wendy for all your work and commitment to KAS.  I wish you much success in your new venture.  Welcome aboard, Mabel.  We look forward to working together.

  • Thanks Glo, for another great read. Such a 'good news' issue, just in time to add a little cheer to our Christmas.  xo

    Thank you, Wendy for EVERYTHING you have achieved for Knit A Square. May great things come to you in 2016.  :))

    Wishing EVERYONE a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by the love and laughter of family and friends.

  • Thanks Gloria for a great issue.   Lots of good news...especially about the Post Office !

    Merry Christmas :-)

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