Keletso's Daycare is in a different part of the Bushkoppies Informal Settlement from Happy Feets, which we visited a few weeks earlier.

Kelstso, herself,came to direct us in  having left the children in the care of a helper so she could run to the main road. Sowetan people are so enthusiastic and warm.

A common KAS phenomenon I may not have mentioned before is that, with only a two seater front cab, the passenger are of the KASvan quite often becomes massively squashed as eager "welcomers " literally spoon themselves in , to show us the rest of the way. When that way is 100 metres, we can still arrive smiling at our venue....but there have been moments where Wandi needed to cope with an intrusive gear leaver and a large stranger overflowing her space.... for several miles !! But, she is a stalwart is our Wandi - and how happy I am to be the driver at such times !

We were alarmed at the extent of the electricity theft in this area and took photographs of dangerously exposed electric wires winding their way across tracks and open areas, threaded through trees and fences and flapping in the breeze in places.... so as to illegally supply houses from the national grid without their having to pay.

Although they DO pay of course- with their lives in many cases - and Keletso told us of two men who had been electrocuted the previous week, while connecting high voltage wires to appliances in their very un-fireworthy shacks.

It was nerve wracking to think of the numbers of small children, kids who wander around and are at enormous risk.

Keletso's place was very small and poor....but she was making a valiant effort and is a special woman indeed. You will see photographs of little cots she has rigged up for the babies in the group.... and very comfortable they looked !

She was so happy with all the items we had taken and the 40 children she was caring for in her small space seemed very relaxed and loved their soft toys, blankets and other items.

Please note the pic of " gogo and her grandchild" !

This extremely youthful gogo was 33years old ! Which tells the tragic story of teenage pregnancies so prevalent in South Africa. Hundreds of 13-15 years olds give birth every year, leaving school and accept lives of grinding drudgery. Hardly surprising perhaps, when our government is suggesting handing condoms out to TEN YEAR OLDS, rather than leading them to higher education and upliftment.

As we left, Wandi pointed out two men a little way down the road in the VERY process of stealing electricity....but then she warned me not to stare or show that I was aware of what they were doing as they might then have become angry....and who knows what might have been their next move !!

I hid my camera and we skedaddled out of there as fast as possible !

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  • Thank you valiant team.

    • Well said Maudie ! Valiant indeed ! Our lives are truly so different, but it is so lovely to have the children receive colour and warmth and a beloved toy.

  • When we make comparisons with our own lives and communities, with those of the children, it isn't just or right, and we wish that our world was a fairer place. People like Keletso show us that even when life is tough, that caring people can still make a difference. She cares for 40 children. Our knitting and crocheting helps keep the children  warm, provides colour in their lives, and joy with the toys. Ordinary people like us across the world, can make a difference, by showing them that we care. Thousands of volunteers, united in our desire to help vulnerable children and support those who are trying to care for them. 

    So, as Helen has said, needles and hooks out, we can all make a difference to the life of a child.

    • Or those who don't knit or crochet much can do a little light shopping in the KAS shop.  $5 (or about £3.70) for lovely cards or a bag of apples, not much is it? xx

      • Good thought Roz :))

  • Thanks for sharing these pictures, Sharon.

    It is so heart-wrenching to see the poverty in which these children live. However, it is also heart-warming to think that we are all helping to bring some sunshine and love into their lives. Knitting needles out again tonight! 

  • I have to agree Bev, we can all moan ....but we are so lucky we have so much and they have so little. At least we can all say we are doing something to try and help.

  • Oh my goodness, do I feel extremely fortunate right now.

    What a very sad life for the children, their families and their community.

    Our government has just handed down the budget for the coming year and so many sections of our society are complaining...they need to read this story and see these pics. Our government is going to cut overseas aid in this budget, to what I understand to be our lowest level ever......feeling very ashamed.  :((

    Thank you Sharon for this report....I will keep the needles clicking and visit our KAS shop in coming days.

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