Knit-a-square relies on contributions of squares, hats, handwarmers and toys… and financial donations. Yes, financial donations! Without them, it would be impossible to organize, sort and deliver the massive influx of love that is received at the KasBarn.

Expenses include:

• A postal charge of $3.75 US for every parcel received;
• Rent for the KasBarn;
• Fuel for the KasVan;
• A stipend for the gogos ($2 US per blanket) and another for Ronda’s ‘Right Hand.’

There are several ways you can help financially:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Shopping at the KasShop is a great way to support Knit-a-square. It doesn’t matter what you buy – whether it’s by donation to wrap a child in a blanket or toward fuel for the KasVan, or for a downloadable gift for yourself, a friend or loved one – every penny you spend here is a direct donation to KAS.

Is there something you would like to see on the 'shelves' of the Shop?

Do you have an idea for a downloadable item we could create that might appeal to shoppers?

Please share your thoughts and ideas here.

The Shop Team will do our best to bring your ideas to life so they can raise much needed funds for Knit-a-square and the children in need.

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  • I’m having a problem buying Glo’s Tunisian Book 2 in the shop. I can’t seem to finalise the payment when I get redirected back to the shop from PayPal. I’ll try again later.

    • Let us know ASAP if you can't get it to work, Marion.

      • It’s ok now Anne. I’ve just tried again a couple of times and managed to complete my purchase on the second attempt. Maybe I was having a senior moment before! Can’t wait to read Glo’s book, it looks very interesting and jam packed full of patterns to try.



    but she wanted to send some yarn to the Gogos and Volunteers in South Africa.

    Now why would she want to do that??... so that there would be enough yarn to crochet an edge on each blanket to stabilize the squares.

    Look what she discovered in the KAS Shop here

    Small basket $5, medium $15, large $25

    • As thrifty as Aunt Nellie is, it makes perfect sense to buy the yarn in the KAS paying postage to send it from her country to South Africa. I know that's what I do these days. A great addition to the KAS Shop!!

  • Monday I have sent a parcel to SA. Wednesday I went shopping in the KAS shop, always a thrill to do. Normally I don't mention what I buy, but income in SA was so low that this time I mention what I purchased.

    I ordered the Christmas cards, they are sooo beautiful! Support Ronda's right hand, what should the team be without him, he is such an important person for the team, and because I have sent a.o. 35 squares in the parcel I support  one Gogo, and the office rent has to be paid too, and oh yes1 the customs fee which Ronda has to pay for my parcel. Well, the motor has to keep on running, so I purchased some fuel too. This is what I could do as a Christmas gift. Furthermore I hope that the Virtual Blanket fundraiser will create many blankets!

    A little bit early, but I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

    • Wow, Anneke - thank you for so generously supporting the KAS Shop!  You probably already know, but 100% of every dollar you spend goes directly to

      supporting KAS in South Africa.

      Merry Christmas!!



    Go, go to the 



    And send a Christmas ‘thank you’ to our Gogos, those wonderful, hard-working ladies who assemble our squares into blankets.



    The Gogo groups receive a very small stipend for each blanket they sew. This allows the group to purchase things they need for the group. 

    You can “Wrap Four Children in a Blanket” for only $5, 8 children for $10. 16 children for $20 here



  • Aunt Nellie says...

    Oh the weather outside is frightful,
    But the KAS Shop's so delightful,
    No crowds or line-ups either,
    So why not take a breather.
    Drop in and see our treasures,
    Shopping here's a pleasure!
    Remain on your couch and roost,
    And give Ronda's coffers a boost.


  • Thank you Anne, for some great ideas! I’m going to mix a couple of  these ideas.........I haven’t got young children or grandchildren to ’buy’ apples for their teacher as a Christmas gift.

    However, I would like to say a big thank you to the KAS Moderators who work very hard for KAS, whether it be..........  fundraising, shopkeeping, welcoming new members, producing Snippets, sharing the blanket room photos with us, keeping us up to date with what is happening in SA, designing items for our KAS shop, keeping in touch with Ronda and updating us on KAS finances, making the forum a happy place to visit and of course, creating and hosting fun monthly themes to inspire and encouraging members! 

    So I would like to buy 6 bags of apples as a thank you to our lovely Mods :))

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