Can we try and spark some interest and conversation through our crafting this month to help the children learn....?

Letters, numbers, small words, colours, shapes, animals and nature are all superb ideas to stimulate their brains.

The designs, colours and ideas can all familiarise items, words and colours to aid their memories and make them feel clever and happy.

The colour of the month for our PJ's is BLUE

which is a great colour to represent water, the sea and sky in our work.

It has also recently been suggested that BLACK and WHITE squares are needed by the volunteers at The Barn In South Africa.I'm looking forward to seeing your imaginations run wild as you post any makes for us all to be inspired by too.......Hats, handwarmers, squares and blankets are what are really needed.

Happy crafting members, Karen xx

Click this link to see your creations compiled in an album:

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  • 10291237255?profile=RESIZE_710xThe most part of this baby blanket is knit using a yarn cake. I toned a different blue to increase the length. You can see I did a different stitch for every colour change section.   A good friend crocheted the border in a sparkle blue wool. It measures 25" wide x 34" long.

    • Beautiful Karen, I love all idea of different stiches for each strip.

      • Thank you.   It was knit from left to right 117sts until the wool ran out ✔️

        • LOVE all the different textures you have created...wouldn't like to be knitting 117 sts every would feel like forever, knitting each row....hahaha.

  • Originally I wanted to take a photo of our blooming garden, but last night the weather changed and we have snow again.10256986456?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Karla, it may not look like a spring garden, but it is still beautiful! Thank you for sharing :))


      • That's soooo pretty, Karla!! Sorry that your Spring isn't quite there to stay yet.  xo

  • Thank you Karen.10256985068?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Oh what a beautifully made toy, I love her chenille skirt :))

      • Aww, so cute, Karla!! AWESOME crafting!!

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