WELCOME to our March 2024 Theme
Sun, Sea and Surf
What's not to love?  
These pics come courtesy of my son - he just doesn't know it - who is currently travelling around Australia.
What does being at the beach mean for you?
Finding marine life?.....shells?.....sea glass? (A dream of mine is to find a beach that has some),..... gazing at the passing ships/yachts/ boats and wondering where they are headed to?.......and then there's the sun, the sand and the sunburn.....hahaha.
Colour of the Month (CoM) is
So, so many shades of blue....let's see how many we can find.laughing

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    • Such vibrant blues, love them!

    • What a SUPER beachy pic, Sharon!! Certainly reminiscent of Pat's beach squares.....weren't they marvellous??!!

      Haven't seen any ocean pics from my son in a while, he is more inland (hiking mountains...or small hills...haha) at the moment.

    • Amazing hat, Sharon. That's going to keep some little head really warm. Love the squares too.

      • I LOVE a bit of soft and fuzzy, Sharon!!laughing

        GORGEOUS squares!!  The turquoise in the mid section is a real pop of colour. Love that yarn....and it creates a very unique clever hat.

  • Bev,

    What a fun month it has been of squares, appliques, colors and toe-tapping-song.  Thank you for the visit to the BEACH.


  • Lovely colour and great appliqués. I think they are on their way to the beach.

    • Thanks Pat. laughing

  • Can never resist a bargain. Bought these Disney appliques a few years back for $3 each on sale.... had been $8.50 each.  :))

    When sewing them on, I realized they were probably from The Jungle Book.....not exactly 'beachy', but you'll just have to use your imagination and see that they are on a tiny beach....hee hee.


    • I'm sure the children will love these, Bev. A great find!

    • Love them!

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