Welcome to this months theme "Over the Rainbow"




Before we look forward to a new month, lets just remind ourselves of the KAS focus for the year....

To bring our themes together this year under 'one umbrella' our focus is.......


Colour Their World

Our aim is to brighten the lives of the children with our squares; colour, colour, colour.... in every monthly theme!


All members can contribute.....and have fun!



So how lucky am I ? To be hosting this months theme as this just falls so perfectly into our umbrella of  Colour Their World.

Whenever I see a Rainbow it always brings a smile to my face that magical burst of colour just appears to break out from the sky from nowhere

 I always end up humming a song, if it is not the simple Rainbow song that I was taught at school to remember the colours, I am in full swing of a rendition of Judy Garlands " Somewhere over the rainbow. "

Just a reminder of this wonderful song " Somewhere over the rainbow"

It is said that no two people see the same rainbow, that can also be said for KAS members ,as we each interpret the monthly themes in our own creative way .

Sir Isacc Newton Identified the seven colours that are present in a  rainbow - red - orange- yellow - green - blue indigo and violet

Legend has it there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, let us be that pot of gold for our beloved children of South Africa and show them how much we care.

The month of May will see South Africa coming to the end of their summer and winter starting to set in, so lets keep making our wonderful squares, hats, handwarmers and toys for these very special children.

So remember  Colour Their World and have fun fun fun !

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  • 2886786628?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024It's finally finished! Well into June - but better late than never!

    The dark colour is navy blue, not black, and the border is navy with a rainbow variegated yarn sandwiched in between. 

    • A beauty!!! Thanks Heather!

    • Beautiful  Heather, well worth waiting for!

      • WOW!!!

        • Well worth the wait, Heather!!! I LOVE the rainbow running through it....I love everything about it, really, lol....it's just so pretty and vibrant. Well done!!!!

    • This is stupendous, Heather. Such a colourful, cheerful blanket. I love it and I think some child will too.

  • 2886786451?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Last batch of squares for my rainbow blanket! Now to decide how to put them all together... 

    • So beautiful!

    • Looking forward to seeing another fabulous blanket from you !

    • Fantastic work, Heather!! Thanks you for these beauties!!

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