From Egypt12437660453?profile=RESIZE_584x

To Victoria Falls


Africa has many incredible destinations to visit.

There are such amazing and unique animals,

From Lions


to Elephants


Or Penguins


Maybe an Ostrich

12437664052?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd for sure the Giraffes


AFRICA has so many things for the children to explore and enjoy.

This month let us celebrate all that is Africa and embrace the colors of the South African Flag.


The Colors of the Month are Yellow and Gold.

We cannot wait to see your creations...


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    • Wow Sharon Wow! 

    • I love this blanket Sharon, with your gorgeous giraffe panel and matching squares! The hat is a bonus! 👍👍

    • Super-di-duper Sharon. What a friendly fellow peeking in to say hi.  All the children are going to love this blanket.  What a precious hat, too.


    • What a stunner Sharon.    He just makes me want to beam.    I note your use of different textured squares too.   Very striking fellow indeed x. 

    • That's superb, Sharon. You've hit the heights with this one!

      • Hooley Dooley, sure is a SPECTACULAR blanket, Sharon........and Love the stripes in your clever hat.....clever idea. laughing

        Like Karen, I see all your different textures, many 'things of interest'......SO much to love about this beauty.

  • Still playing with the yellows. Trying out a couple of flower squares. (The middle green in the one on the left has photographed rather strangely - it does blend in better than it looks here!)



    • More summery squares!

    • Flowers just are the perfect pick-me up.  Loving all the texture here!

    • LOVE them both, Patricia....just soooo bright and cheery, you can't help but grin. Have sat for a couple of minutes to contemplate a fave.....but can't....equally GORGEOUS!!

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