As we enter the last few weeks of yet another wonderful KAS year, it's time to plan ahead for 2017. 

We have created a list of themes, which we hope will engage and inspire you.

Jan - Toy Story - Amy

As toys are always needed, Amy will be running this toy drive from Jan-April. Toys can be handmade, shop bought or pre-loved (washed and in good condition) from charity shops. Also, squares with a toy theme. 

Feb - Passion for Purple- Sharon & Louise

March - 1 Heart, 2 Hearts, Pink Hearts, Blue Hearts - Gloria

April - Eat A Rainbow - Valerie

Squares with a fruit and veg flavour. PJ squares in colours of your favourite fruit and veg, or picture squares.

May - Kids Love to Learn - Bev

The alphabet, numbers, colours, transport, short words.....

June -  From Sunrise to Sunset: Mother Nature in Your Day - Sue G.

Take inspiration from what you see in your day. The changing colours of the day, or sun , sky, flowers. a rainbow, misty mountains and whatever the weather, there is something for your eyes to share.

July - Legs and Wings, Fins & Slithery Things: Animals Abound - Amy

August - Terrific to Touch - Heather

Create squares of texture; from classic garter to a multitude of patterns....and don't forget all the fun fur yarns languishing in the bottom of your stash.

September - Diagonals Are Forever & Sassy Stripes Are Superb - Karen G.

October - Gorgeous Grannies & Garters plus Variegated Wonders - Susan D.

November - Temperature - Anneke

A fun new idea from Debbie and Anneke.

December - Odds & Ends - Sharon

Our traditional wind down to Christmas.

As we go about creating squares and other items for 'our' children - in each theme for 2017, let's 'think like a child'. The amazing colours, the designs, the patterns that any child would love......and as always, please don't forget the all-important pj (i.e. garter/single crochet/granny) square that supports all the squares in coming together to create each beautiful blanket.

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  • I've only just joined, so it looks like I have a few squares to catch up on! :D I love the list here such a great themes :D

    • Welcome Jasmine.  :))

      Glad you like them and please feel free to post some pics of your crafting, in either the monthly theme , the photo section....or both.  :))

  • Thanks for the list of 2017 themes Bev. Wow ..... what a choice .... will leave the more adventurous patterns to the ladies who have been doing squares for a long time. I will just do 8 x 8 garter squares but in many colours for now due to my bad arm. My house is getting full of wool stash ... buy whatever colour I fancy when I go out and I have friends sending wool to me. The children will have lovely blankets of many colours. Such a wonderful project.
    • Our themes for the month are merely an indication of the kind of things one can do with squares if you want a change from plain janes. Ther's no obligation, and coloured garte stitch squares are welcomed as much as any other squares. They are the backbone of our blankets and the more colouful the better. Many of the long time KAS members make only plain janes or simple stitch patterns. Your squares will be greatly appreciated.

      • Thank you very much Valerie. I have only just come to KAS in April. I lived in Boksburg and Benoni in 1980 until 1995 when the family returned to UK. The country is so dear to my heart - lots of lovely memories so it now really gives me enjoyment to be able to help KAS.
        • Hi Susan.

          The themes are just for fun and this year along with each theme we are including a link to the  PoM (pattern of the month) and May's PoM will be one you will enjoy....just a little teaser.  :))

          Garter stitch squares are always most welcome.  :))

          I hear you about the yarn stash.Someone offered me some yarn the other day and I just had to decline, as my own is already taking over my

          • Bev, I can't believe that you actually REFUSED yarn. I'm totally astounded!!!!

            • I could never REFUSE yarn. I was speaking to a friend on the phone and telling her about KAS as she likes to knit too. She has squares in her spare bedroom and has not got round to sewing them together, so now they have been given to KAS to go with my squares. Will very shortly be wending there way to SA.
              • LOL Valerie. Yes, I was shocked to hear myself say it, too....then we went driving over Easter and I bought three balls of yarn....go 

  • Hi- It's been a while (a LONG while) since I've been able to participate. I just read through the wishlist and discussion of it and realized- it's for 2016, and it's now 2017 (it's going to take me a while to get used to that!) Is the wishlist the same? I have to be honest I knit plain squares in colorful yarn so I don't really 'do' the monthly themes, but I was wondering if it's still desirable to send completed afghans (listed on the customs form as squares) or if individual squares are preferred now. Thanks for any advice!

This reply was deleted.