Lindi and Thomas were the only ones to come into the KASbarn, because of the postal strike, as they had already packed upfor the two distributions - this one and another.

En route, they collected blankets from 3 gogo groups (Chiawelo, Rockvilleand Protea South) and delivered blanket packs to them and one other group.


Along withextra blankets collected along the way, 85 children will havereceived yesterday in total.

(some of the photographs are a bit dark, but always well worth publishing!)

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  • Oh my goodness me - I think I just spotted one of my squares in a blanket wrapped round a kiddy.  How exciting - may God bless all the kiddies who received blankets that day!

    • In Ganya Yabatho there are a lot of stripey hats which look as if they were made by one person. They look just lovely. All the blankets and hats look bright and cheerful. Rebecca that is so exiting to see your square !

      • I thought the same about the stripey hats. They look so cheerful. Someone was very busy to produce them all

  • Lovely pictures of warm children!

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