On Saturday Ronda visited the home of Nelson Mandela to pay a personal tribute and to represent Knit-a-Square.


Wendy and her daughter Sarah arrived on Sunday as The Salvation Army band was playing the South African national anthem which everyone was bellowing out through fits of tears!

Here is our first pictorial tribute to Madiba on the day of his Memorial Service which will be attended by leaders from across the globe.

Above are the flowers and note placed outside Madiba's home by Ronda. Below are two photographs taken outside Ronda's house 

 Here is Ronda outside Madiba's home in Houghton

The Knit-a-Square bouquet placed with all the other floral tributes.

Here are some of the photographs that Ronda took during her visit.

People placing momento's

The Knit-a-Square Bouquet.

Personal messages for Madiba

A young man writing his special message.

Another special personal note.

The trees in the area are wrapped in the South African flag colours with posters of Madiba everywhere.

News reporters from across the world doing interviews.

Reporters and supporters.

People coming and going.

This is a Toyota dealership near Ronda's home. Many corporate companies have put up signs on and outside their buildings, and, on their websites paying their respects to the

Great Man.

Knit-a-Square will be paying further respects as the week goes on.

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  • Soweto Gospel Choir : Madiba Tribute - wonderful!

    Link : http://youtu.be/MHHjP7XrBq0

    • Very moving, had a tear in my eye after listening to it.

  • Thanks to all of you, as always, for your kind, loving, supportive, thoughtful messages ... we are privileged to have lived in the same era as Nelson Mandela, and spectacularly so to be living in South Africa at the time of his release and right up until these moments of the massive worldwide celebration of such a unique and amazing human being's life ! There have been lots of tears because life is going to be "different" without his physical presence, but his rest is well-earned and we pray for the sweet repose of his beautiful soul.

  • Thank you so much for letting us share in the experience of honoring Madiba!  As Laurie said, it helps to bring it closer to home, for those of us so far away!  My thoughts and prayers are with all of you Ronda!!

    • That is so wonderful for Knit a Square to pay tribute. Thank you Ronda.

  • Thank you so much for this Ronda! It helps us feel that much closer!

  • Watching the Memorial Service live.  Did anyone hear Obama's speech? Wow - what an inspiration.  He even shook hands with Raoul Castro, President of Cuba. on his way to the podium - the two countries have been estranged for 50 years.  Let's hope Madiba's message of reconcilation will spread throughout the world.

    • Obama's speech was a call to the young people of the world to become who they capable of being - just as he did 30 years ago!

      The BBC interviewed one of Mandela former bodyguards - a white South African who grew to love and respect him dearly. He said, they only ever really had to protect him from the love that the crowds wanted to give to him.

    • I am watching it anne and I agree about Obama

  • i found this which I thought you may like to see


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