Hi Everyone!!

I thought I'd put up a quick post and introduce myself as I'm just starting to add a little more to the conversations here.

My name is Katie and I'm a 34 yr. old lady from Northern Virginia. I'm happily married to my darling and we've been married for just under 4 years.I have a very boring day job, and love to knit and read in my free time. I started knitting for charity this year, and picked KAS as I found they had the most informative website I could find. I've also seen what a great community there is here, and I'm glad I've kept at it.

I'm currently working to meet my personal goal of 35 squares prior to sending my package, and I have several friends who are contributing as well. I'm putting a few pictures of my completed squares below, and have just hit 34 squares! Just one more (and if I could just convince myself to cast-on, it'd be done by now), and I'll have my goal met and will be ready to get my package together to ship.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here, and am really enjoying the companionship and friendly community I've found here.

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  • Hi Katie,  Welcome to KAS, a wonderful organisation as I'm sure you have already found out.  These squares look brilliant, so warm and brightly coloured.  You will find an enormous amount of satisfaction from completing your 35th square. Just think one whole blanket and another child with an enormous smile on their face all because you took the time to care.  Good luck and happy knitting.

  • Welcome Katie, great to have on board. Totally agree knitting or crocheting is a great way to relax and unwind. I use it to unclutter my mind at the end of day. Love your squares nearly 1st blanket completed . Happy knitting :-)))
    • Hi Katie.

      I'm a little late to join this conversation, but would just like to say that this batch of squares is fabulous....great colours and lovely neat work. Thank you for picking KAS as your chosen charity.

      Yes, knitting squares at the end of the day is relaxing....tooooo relaxing sometimes.....I tend to fall asleep way before I have achieved my intended square.   :(

  • Welcome Katie !

    Love your squares and nneatily butterflied.  You are so close to that last one....which will lead to another and then another !! KAS is the right kind of addiction :-)

    Would you add your squares to the KAS Reaches Great Height Challenge when you reach 35 squares[ plus your friends' contributions ?  We're trying to make enough squares to reach the top of Table Mountain in South Africa.


  • Hi Katie - so glad you found KAS, we're lucky to have you. 34 squares is an impressive achievement already.... just one more to go and that makes one more warm child! As you've already noticed, this KAS thing gets addictive. x

    • Oh yes, Karen. I've noticed. And it's such a nice "brain break" after working all day. Relaxing and helping someone? I'm IN!

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