Welcome to our November theme 

Put on a Happy Face.

This month was going to be hosted by our dear friend, Anne Powell. Sadly, Anne passed away suddenly, in March.

Looking through her photos has sure put a smile on my dial. I have included some of her fun faces in the picture squares below. They are the little pink pig and the yellow/red and blue/blue variegated smiley faces.

Faces of all kinds are so engaging and just looking at them can put a smile on our own.

Squares featuring animal faces

Go For The Gold - July 2020  Celebrating African Animals - Zebra  SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Pig

SAM_0712   FuzzyBear  Teddy Bears Picnic



June. The Unforeseen  16" Unicorn Square. June.  February theme - Celebrate Africa

JUNE CHALLENGE - 8 Maids A'milking  I love cats  I love dogs

Fun Emojis....

July Theme Emojis Smiley & Spongebob 

 2 Emoji Diagonals - July 2019 Theme Emoji's  12 Emoji Diagonals - Emoji Theme - July 2019  

July 2019 Theme: Emojis  SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Red Smiley  SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Blue Smiley

And all manner of fun faces

Fab Faces from Sesame Street  Fabulous faces....double square 

 Fab Faces

If picture squares are not your thing, please consider making striped or single colour  squares in colours that will have you putting on a happy face.

And for your toe tapping pleasure...


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  • Like Marion, I have been all week trying to get these sewn on.

    November 2020 Theme - Put on a Happy Face
    Thought I would finish up with a song from the king......
    • Such cute little faces Bev. 

    • No problems guessing this one! Those were the days when Elvis was still gorgeous.

      • Sigh...yes. Sadly they all got a little older, just like the rest of us...and like some of us, age and lifestyle did not treat them kindly.

    • THANK YOU so much to everyone who shared their creations, had a chat or just popped in to see what we were up to...it was FUN!!  xo

      • Thank you so much, Bev.   It was a great month (even though I was mostly absent as it went along).

        You finished strong, with 6 lovable teddy bears ... definitely cuddle-worthy.

  • All these frogs reminded me of this rhyme from when my children were young:


    • Sooo worth the wait, Marion!! I am grinning from ear to ear...they are just SO delightful.  :))

      Thanks for the link, Patricia. I used to do this as an activity with felt (and sing) when in childcare. My granddaughter seems to have a love for frogs and although I have been singing this to her, this animation is sooo cute, I know she'll love it!!

      • I used to run a Music & Movement group when my daughter was pre-school age and I got familiar with a number of these types of songs. Don't you just wish we could share the videos with the children in S.A.?

        • Definitely!! 

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