For the next two weeks, prior to the beginning of the next BIG SURPRISE CHALLENGE, we are giving you free reign to HAVE SOME FUN, while creating mucho squares!

BUT WAIT!  Hold your hat!  Or should I say; HOLD – THE – HATS!!

We have learned from Ronda and her crew that they have approximately 3 hats for every potential blanket!  We have been asked, for the time being, to please focus on squares rather than hats.  Might I suggest that, rather than making a hat, you make 3 squares instead?

As you can see from the photos that Ronda provided, they have A LOT of hats!

Lots of hats!                         


....and more hats!

SO, let's work on our fundamental purpose, MAKING SQUARES!!

As always, the greatest need is for plain jane squares!  But if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for you!

Finish your UFOs (unfinished objects!)  If you are like me, you probably have a few partially done squares hiding away in your cupboards.  This is a great opportunity to finish up all of those squares that were started for a different challenge and never got finished!

Explore your creativity!  There are limitless possibilities for exploring your creativity.  Color is one of my favorite ways to do that!  Where to look?  A color wheel can help when trying new colors together!  

Fabric can give you some great color combos; I love perusing the fabric store for ideas!



Pump out some major PJs!!!    Wouldn’t it be awesome to see stacks and stacks of plain janes?!?!  Check out Susan Haines’ stack of 88 squares!

I hope you have some fun with our “Un-challenge”!  I can’t wait to see what you create!!

*****Laurie Fortier has graciously created a Pinterest page for the "Un-challenge"!  The link for that is here:

*****You can also find the photo albums for this challenge here:

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  • Just so you don't think you are the only slow poke, Bev, here is my first Grace's vest. I began this for the January drive. I mentioned that my daughter Cathy, made the starfish for the April Challenge. I finally finished about a month ago, and am now posting the photo. I do believe I deserve the slowest KASer award! 

    After seeing the children carry their toys on their backs, I dediced to leave a corner of the starfish open so that a toy would fit in!


  • October theme - Unchallenge

    Phewww!! I finally
    Flowers....unfortunately they look prettier in the graph.
    A bunch of flowers for you, Mary Anne, for running such a wonderful challenge and giving this 'slow coach' the opportunity to finish (most of) my UFO's. :) Thank you. xx

  • October theme - Unchallenge

    No. 9.....hearts.

  • Some more squares from my mum....


    and, as it's the end of the month, my last few squares for the October challenge. These are a bit of a hotch-potch, using up odds and ends. 


  • October theme - Unchallenge

    Number 8.....only two to go.....

  • October theme - Unchallenge

    Well I did buy some iron on motifs (only because I couldn't find sew on ones) and was going to use them for 7, 9 & 10, but they just felt too stiff and as I was going to need to put heaps on each square I thought the squares would lose their stretchiness, so its back to Went to sew on the bright green butterfly and realised I had forgotten to garter one stitch on the last row before the top border, but decided not to unpick the square as sometimes it makes the edge stitches go sloppy and lose tension.....perfection eludes me yet again....LOLOLOL

  • South Dakota Sunset collection.  Inspired by the beautiful sunsets we get here in western South Dakota.


  • This is the start of my "real stack"  !  :) 

    2 down ... only 23 to go !!


  • It was a mess in my "Happy Drawer", which is in the cupborad where I keep my wool for KAS. I decided to gather all tiny bits and pieces and left over wool. I wondered how many tiny squares I could make of all these odd and ends......four squares of these are equal to one KAS square of 8" x 8". I will use 9 in a row and make 14 rows, which means 126 squares and an edge of 5 centimeters around it which stands for a well sized blanket. I started 12th of October and I have finished 45 of these. I piled them up in a box and just this afternoon I spread hem out to make a picture of them all :)))).......still 81 squares to go.......

    Also I finished 12 squares of the recently bought green - blue wool, but I will upload a picture of those later.

    1. The odds and ends:


    2. Piled and waiting:




    3. 45 tiny squares.......with 360 woven in ends......




  • My last  squares for again another great monthly challenge.  2886733913?profile=original2886733438?profile=original

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