Well, I bet I am not alone in having this go through my mind when I read the theme


I apologise for being late posting my theme introduction - I am sure the video has given you ideas - fish, shells, seaweed, blues and greens, lobsters and mermaids.........  lion fish, old statues and shipwrecks, sharks..........  

I look forward to seeing what you are all making.

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  • I love maps.  Whoever I go away I always collect maps of where I have been or about to go.

    This one is for a boy I think.

    i have attempted to add the photo twice already, but it disappears so will have to upload the file again sorry.



    • WOW!! GORGEOUS blanket, Sandra!! Loving all the fishies.  :)) Perfect boy's blanket.


  • October 2022 Theme - Under the Sea.

    Two,  8" x 16" squares.

    • I love this!  I am hoping the weather will have calmed down for tomorrow and we can go sit at Penmon Point and look out to see  where we have seen seals and dolphins before.  

    • Very cute creatures Bev :)

    • Two fantastic squares Bev…love them! 

    • Terrific panels Bev ✔️✔️

    • Oh, Bev, these squares are fun, fun, fun.   The children will love them!

  • Thank you Rebecca!

  • Thank you, Rebecca!

    What a fun month we have had!   And the children will continue to enjoy for a long time to come.

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