As you will all know, Ronda in South Africa needs funds to enable her and her wonderful team to continue distributing the blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys that we make and send.

We don’t like to keep asking members to contribute financially, but without the necessary funds, KAS SA would struggle to continue to help the vulnerable children.


We thought it would be a fun idea for members, and perhaps friends and family of our members, to plant a virtual ‘KAS Garden’ by donating $5 for each flower, fruit, vegetable, shrub or tree chosen.

Please choose something from the list and share with us the reason for your choice… it could be a favourite of yours, or a loved one, or perhaps a happy memory.

It may be that what you want isn’t on the list. If so, please tell us what you would like to plant. I hope we can also learn from each other, as what may be favourites in one country may not even grow in another!

It doesn’t matter at all if more than one person chooses the same flower; it will be nice to have something else in common with each other, in addition to our love for KAS.

We hope that over the next 6 weeks our garden will grow, and as it is a virtual garden, all things will grow well together, no matter what the season. The best thing is that there won’t be a bug in sight!

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  • This makes our new total a minimum of $350, (from my tally of what has been donated), but I have been told this figure will rise as some members have been very generous! Watch this space......

    • Chris, can I add another bunch of flowers? A very dear friend of ours died a few days ago and I would like to plant some poppies and cornflowers for him. He loved the beautiful flowers in the cornfields.

      I've made a donation of 10$ in memory of Christian.

      Thank you for such a wonderful way of donating.

      • Hello Valerie, I’m sorry to hear about your friend Christian. I will of course add the flowers for you in his memory.

        Poppies and Cornflowers


        • Thank you Chris. These are beautiful. I hope Christian enjoys them wherever he is now and knows that we'll always treasure all the memories we have of the many years we were friends.

          • Dear Val, my heartfelt condolences to the loss of your dear friend. xoxo

            • Thank you Anneke. It's like losing a brother.

  • Late additions

    Jude Sullivan has kindly donated $15 for me to plant flowers for 2 KAS sisters birthdays, Joan Humm and myself! Thank you Jude for your thoughtfulness.

    So I thought I would plant two large pots, to be admired from the seating area while we enjoy our cream tea and a chat.....

    Spray carnations




    The scent will be wonderful! Thank you Jude x

    • Thanks Chris they are lovely, the garden is amazing. Xx

  • Oh my goodness!  What a grand finale for a grand garden!  It is just beautiful.  I will do some more wandering after I finish my tea behind the Shop. Thanks again, Chris and a special thanks to Andrea, who I supect had a hand in the finale.

    • What a breathtaking sight, Chris!! The most beautiful garden....EVER!!

      Thank you to yourself and Andrea for showing us the magic we create when we all come together. I will gladly join you at the table for a cream tea.  xo

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