How do I post my personal photos now on the new KAS URL?

You simply go to the photos section on the main page...

Click on Add Photo...

Select your photo and be sure to add title.

Choose who can see your photo.

Then click on Save and Publish.

You can go back later and edit and rotate your photo.  All you photos will also go to your person page.


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  • The "add Photo" button is now on the main Photo page.  I posted a photo just now and it worked!  Thank you.

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    Click on Add Photo...see above.

    This should send you to your document file on your computer.  Choose your photo that you want to add.  Please do NOT go through your personal page to do this add, it is all through the main Forum page.

    Choose who can see this photo.  Click Save and Publish.  All photos you post this way will transfer to you personal page where you can edit and rotate your photos.

  • my screen does not have "ADD PHOTO" showing.  I can't share any pictures on my page.  the only way I can post a photo is to put it into one of the monthly theme pages but this does not go into the photo page.  For example, the "silver elephant" or th "silver rabbit" on my page and on the monthly theme page. appreciate any help.

    • Arlene,

      I think I have fixed the problem.  Please try again.  Amy

    • The "Add Photo" appears on the Main Page shown in Amy's screenshot below. Does your Main Page look like that, Arlene?

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  • I was trying to put these on my page or to post them to the main photo page.  One is from Anne Powell, the other I wrote later.



    12326561859?profile=RESIZE_930xthank you

    • Top of the discussion.


      Then pick of photo from your own collection.


      Thanks for sharing these marvelous poems from years past.  They will be popping up in this month's Snippets.

      • My screen does not have "ADD PHOTO" it looks like this.


  • Where do I click on "Add Photo"? help!

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