Every year, an annual subscription fee is paid to Weebly, the company that hosts our KAS Shop. This also includes a domain name fee so that we can own knit-a-square-southafrica.com. The total amount is $334.90 US.

Are you able to help cover this cost by purchasing a square?

If so, please choose a square below for $10 US each and send your donation via PayPal to our shopkeeper, Andrea Palmatier (palmatier.squared@gmail.com).

Andrea will keep track of every penny that comes in and let us know when the total has been reached. 

If, by chance, we receive more than we need, the balance will be sent to Ronda to help with administration costs in South Africa.

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  • Our KasShop blanket is complete! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

    There was no surplus this year but enough costs were covered to keep the shop going for another year!


  • sent 20.  Happy New Year  please pick 2 squares for me

  • THREE squares left! Thank you, Karen, Mili and Wendy for your colourful additions to our shop blanket.

    • Hi Andrea, just sent you a payment for the last three squares.   Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and everyone at KAS.

      • Oh wow, Jill...that is FABULOUS!!!

        YAY!! We made it!!!

        So wonderful to see this support from everyone who was able to 'chip in'.

        Merry Christmas and good health and happiness to everyone in 2023.  xo

  • Hi Andrea, just sent payment for a square. I don't mind which number it is. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  • Andrea, if I could have 19 for today's date.  I have to find you again on Paypal.

  • I'll buy 27 in lieu of Christmas cards.   It's also the age I'd like to be, ha ha Xx

  • Thank you, Diane, Patricia and Bev for your generous donations! We couldn't have done it without you.

    Only SIX squares left…

  • I will buy No.30 please, Andrea.

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