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  • Hi there ... I am busy planning the "I do like to be beside the seaside" squares and want to know IF I can knit all 35 of the squares 15 x 15 cms?  I've purchased some motif patterns and they're only 15 x 15cms.  Please let me know.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Always nice to be thinking ahead Roz!

      Would you experiment with adding a few stitches each side and a few extra rows to the top and bottom of the pattern to bring the squares up to 20 cm.  This is what other contributors have done when faced with a pattern that is too small. 

      Or if you/a friend crochet, add the extra 5 cm as a crochet border around each square.

      Having all the squares 20 cm is helpful for the team.  It means the 35 squares will make a blanket that is the same size as others which are given out instead of being a smaller size.

      Looking forward to seeing the completed motifs.

      • I kinda thought as much ... I certainly am able to add  extra stitches and rows. :)

        • Thanks Roz.

          When you see how many squares arrive each week in the KASBarn to be sorted, you will realize just how much the team appreciates having 20 cm squares.

  • Hello,

    I love knitting and think your organization is amazing. I have just signed up and my friend and I have knitted 30 squares! I will send the squares in when we get to 35, but in the meantime I wonder if I could also check is there is a contact person I could email regarding the logging of the hours I have spent knitting. I hope this is OK—it is simply that I need to log my volunteer hours for my school to keep track.

    Thank you for your help,

    Izzy Champion

    Thank you!!

    • Isabelle that is a wonderful idea to use knitting for KAS as your volunteer hours. Thank you, and your friend, so much for your squares. I hope someone can help you with your question about logging your hours. What is needed ? Is it verification of time spent or some sort of acknowledgement of your contribution?

      • Hi Sue! Thank you much for your reply. Some sort of verification of time spend would be wonderful, especially in the form of a log. Thanks again :) 

        • Hi Isabelle,

          Attached is the form we use for USA students. In the past we found it too difficult for students to post details and get them signed in South Africa - often it is not possible to do in a timely fashion. We suggest you photograph the squares when you have completed the project,  photograph the parcel with our postal address and glue the pics to the form, and finally, add the number of hours your have worked. This could then be signed by a responsible person at your college/school.

          You could photograph the form and attach it Sorted in South Africa link :    once it is posted in this discussion one of the Moderators will acknowledge acceptance and report to the team in South Africa.

          If you need any further help please return to this thread! Good Luck and we appreciate your support.


          • Hi Pam,

            This is extremely helpful, thank you so much!! I will get started on documentation now.

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