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  • I have a question regarding toys.

    I know I saw somewhere on here a post about not using buttons or glue on beads and the like as they are a choking hazard, but I cant find it. 

    Would using "safety eyes", that come with the clip on backers, and then also hot gluing the backs on to be extra secure be okay?  Or should all eyes/other details on toys be yarn/fabric only?  

    Thank you, Eva

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      Hope this helps Eva x

  • I have 3 questions:

    1)  Do you accept squares made from wool or wool and alpaca that must be washed by hand?

    2)  I have many 8-inch squares I've knit over the last 10 years, but none of them have tails.  Is it o.k. to send squares without tails?

    3)  Should I note what kind of yarn I used, such as acrylic or wool?


    Anne Marie

    • Hi Anne Marie.

      Yes, we accept squares made from wool, wool blends, acrylic.....anything from 8 ply to super chunky.....anything warm, basically.  :))  No need to make note of what composition of yarn it is, as most, if not all blankets would be handwashed.

      Squares have been known to be sent without tails, but we do normally request that squares be sent with tails, simply because the group of volunteers sewing the squares together is rather small, particularly at this point in time, when a lot of the volunteers in our South African office (and the grandmothers in the communities) are unable to help out due to lockdowns.

      If you were able to (securely) attach a tail to the corner of each square that would be soooo helpful. It wouldn't have to be from the same yarn that the square/s were knitted from....maybe something similar. However, if this is not possible, we gratefully accept your kind donation of squares, as is.

      Thank you for your generosity and I hope this has helped.

       Warm regards.


  • Hello, it's been a while since I sent squares to KAS so I have a couple of queries. I live in South Africa (West Coast). I have between 45 and 50 squares that are ready.

    Are we allowed to send squares in a box or do they have to be in padded envelopes?

    And we have to post them - they cannot be couriered to you? Obviously they can't be couriered to a Private Bag address, but with the SA postal service being so slow at the moment, I wondered if courier to a physical address is possible?

    Thanks! Meg

    • I sent you a message.

  • I know we can’t send squares right now and there’s a lot of uncertainty.  I want to keep making the squares but is there a possibility that KAS may not continue in the future?  

    • Thank you so much for your question.   I do apologise for taking time to reply.   There have been no indications things in South Africa at the Barn will be any different than before these difficult unusual circumstances.   Your support in crafting is greatly needed and appreciated always, so basically keep up the crafting and stay safe, Kx

      • Thanks for your quick response.  I am looking forward to continuing with making the squares.  We all need to keep busy in these difficult times.  Take care.  

  • Hello.  I have been knitting squares for a while and would like to try knitting motifs in the squares.  I have seen some gorgeous examples on here.  I have looked online and although I have found a few motif patterns I am not knitting savvy enough to alter the patterns for the square.  I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction please.  Many thanks.

    Keep well and safe.

    Very best wishes,

    Sue Holdaway 

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