Wandi and I loved this distribution ... when I stopped to collect her, I dropped off 13 bags of squares for Naledi gogo group, plus 6 or 7 bags full of blankets and other items for the Methodist Outreach from Pimville who are driving to Natal on 9th Sept for a visit to an extremely poor settlement in rural Zululand, under the leadership of Mrs Sekele.

Alice who runs Rethabile in the Braam Fischer informal settlement, had heard about Knit-a-Square from someone in FINETOWN … and she had apparently been badgering Wandi for weeks for a visit.  We were both delighted to realise how the news of KAS had travelled by word of mouth from Finetown in the Vaal Triangle – all the way to Soweto.

Rethabile Daycare is one of those amazing places where the childrens' needs are quite obviously a high priority.  Alice had installed some interesting ways in which to stimulate the children – one was a model “Kruger Park”, a small corner in which there were clay models of the big five and some “vegetation” emulating jungle surroundings !!  Ingenious.

Also there were two sets of electrically operated models of traffic lights which were in working condition to help her instruct the children on the rules of the road. 

Each age group had their own room and a dedicated “teacher” for each.

A rather surprising issue for Alice is that she is battling - and has battled for years - to become registered with the Department of Social Welfare as a daycare.  She SO deserves government support but we are not in a position to get involved.


Towards the end of the batch of photographs please notice two I specially captured of the dearest little girl sitting on the floor with her new KAS toy, a little doll, and OH HOW SHE LOVED it !!  The second pic shows her kissing it !!


We left 70 very happy little ones at Rethabile – just as their nap time started !

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  • Great report, the world needs people like Alice, who keep fighting, wonderful lady :-))
  • What a great report, and I spy 3 pairs of my handwarmers in this distribution. Wonderful to see them warming little hands
    • Congrats, Susanne....that's great!!

  • Best wishes to Alice in her continued struggle with the authorities for full recognition - and how lovely to see the children with their new clothes, blankets and toys.

  • Thank you for this beautiful report! It looks like a very special distribution, indeed. The little girl with her new dolly was adorable! Here's praying that the daycare will get the funding.

  • So encouraging to hear about Alice and her work with the children.  Will send a fervent prayer today in church that the government will support her in her mission. 

  • I am thrilled for you, too, Veronica.  :)) The little one looks very cosy in your cuddle.

    Considering the huge volume of goodies that arrive at KAS SA each week, I always think it's a 'miracle' if I can spot a square or two that I have knitted....it's a rare occasion, but that just makes it more special.  :))

  • What fabulous photos.  That little girl kissing her doll, a picture really is worth a thousand words.  I hope our prayers and wishes that Alice will become registered as a Daycare will happen soon.   Seeing the little ones all bundled up, remembering it is winter there and very cold...in the last photo seeing that little one hidden under that blanket...sometimes perhaps that's the only alone time they get, where they can hide and feel secure, under a KAS blanket?

    I too am delighted to hear that news of KAS is spreading.  I am also very happy we were able to give the Methodist Outreach people 6 or 7 bags of blankets and materials.  More KAS love going to those who so desperately need it.  Love the photos...thank you so much for sharing these with us!

    • A lovely report and very happy children. The photos of that little girl are priceless. It is a shame that the day care is not funded, it is such a caring place.

  • How exciting to see a little baby in the cuddle I made!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful report.

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