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The Square Heart Award for September 2014 is for

Wendy and Sylvia - Australia

Both Mother and Daughter have delighted us constantly with their contributions.

Our Wendy joined the Square Circle Forum in July of 2011. One year later, in July of 2012, she made her 1000th square.

And that, folks, was just the beginning!

There soon followed ...

                                  ... stacks of squares ...

    ... handwarmers ...


         ... hats ...

... the "pretty baby" vest designed by Wendy, herself ... 

                                                  ... completed blankets ...

And then ... in November 2012, we got our first glimpse of Sylvia’s gorgeous jumpers !

Wendy says she convinced her to make a jumper for the KAS Kids …

“She really enjoyed doing it and is now making another ...“

                                        ... and another ...

                                                                        ... and another !

Thanks to Sylvia, 48+ children are warm and cozy in one of these beautiful and fashionable creations.

Wendy has told us, “It is a privilege to help others … it never fails to make me more appreciative of what I have, than seeing others who are in such dire need of basic items that most of us take for granted every day.”

Thank you, Wendy and Sylvia! 

The children in S.A. received a gift beyond measure

when this mother-daughter team discovered KAS.

Give yourself a treat and click this link to browse through Wendy and Sylvia's photo albums.


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  • Congratulations and Thank You to both of you.

    • How wonderful that you both, Wendy and Sylvia, have received this award. The body of work that you lovely ladies have produced is astounding....and all sooooooo neatly produced. There are so many children who are now much warmer thanks to your tireless efforts. You are B60

      Thank you, Wendy, for also always being so supportive of your KASfriends in the forum .....and for sharing sooo many great patterns with us. 03D

  • Congratulations Wendy and Sylvia!  Well deserved.  Your work is superb!

  • Thank you Gloria and KAS.  I have showed this post to my mother (Sylvia) too and she felt as honoured as I do at receiving this award.  Thank you everyone for your kind comments too. We will both definitely be keeping those needles clicking for some time to come.

  • Huge congratulations to you both! You so deserve this award! Your work is outstanding and so many children have already been blessed by your sacrifices. Thank you so much for your beautiful contributions.  

  • Congratulations Wendy and Sylvia on your well deserved award! So many children have benefitted by your consistent, warm, lovingly made, beautiful contributions!
  • Yes, yes, yes .... Wendy and Sylvia are so deserving of this award!   Their work is perfection.  And we can feel the love that goes into their garments and squares just by looking at the photos.  I'm sure the children in South Africa feel an extra dose of warmth when they get something from this amazing team!  Much love going back to you two for your wonderful contribution, and hopes for 1000s more items to come! 

  • So richly deserved award indeed!  I love to see the continuing and outstanding items.  Always so beautiful - and SO much work !!  The children are truly blessed by the work of these caring hands.

  • Congratulations, Wendy and Sylvia, for this well-deserved award!

  • Thank you Wendy and Sylvia for all your beautiful contributions to KAS!  They are a true inspiration to all of us who can't possibly make such beautiful items!  I love to look at all your work and keep plugging away to make something that pretty!  Thank you for all you do!

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