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Hi everyone!!   To me this theme screams "Anything Goes".  

Haven't we all got some random oddments of wool that have been long buried in our wool stash?   In my eyes the bigger the clash of colours the better.   Let's make our squares really ping and zing so they stand out and make a plain blanket into a unique piece of cosy art.

Diagonal or stripey squares are the answer to our stash spares!!

Going back over past photos on the forum  you can see such wonderful  examples of these squares

Since being asked to host this theme , I have created some of my own diagonals , using up the odds and ends

So if you have never made a diagonal square , now it is the time to have a go, you can have so much fun with this.*****WARNING**** they are very addictive :))

The Knitted Diagonal Square

 can be found in the KAS Pattern Book 


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  • Karen, I finally managed to take the photos:




    • Very well done Valerie - a smashing selection not only finished but photographed too - always a chore I get you, but worth it in the end to see work completed - and clear decks to start all over again..............lol.

    • Valerie I especially like the grays with blue shades ( on my monitor). They remind me of marble floor tiles! 

      • I love this yarn. It's called Multico (for multi coloured) and they have it in all different shades. The top left and the bottom right in the second photo is the same brand.

        • Oh Valerie, such pretty squares!!! Especially LOVING all the pretty pink ones.  :))

  • I must apologise to everyone for my lack of participation over the last 3 months. I haven't made a lot of squares, but have several that could go in the September theme. I just haven't had time to photograph them. I'll try hard to do it this afternoon and post them before the end of ......October!!!

    • Gosh Valerie please don't rush...... I'm sure your wool work will be heartfelt - this theme will still be here and ready with open arms no matter when you have time to get pictures posted.
      • Thank you Karen. I just feel that I have a million things and can't get round to doing any of them. Normally October is a quiet month for me, but the unexpected has taken over!!

  • 2886805356?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024The last square /40x40 cm/ I made for September 2017 Theme.

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