• I'm late, again....

    Two beach umbrellas (or beach balls, maybe?):



    Sand, surf, and beach towel:


    Beach huts:


    • Linda, your TC and cro-knitting is just soooo creative.  I love it!  I like how you've added the fuzzy white yarn in #3 for surf.  Very effective :))  And I especially love your 'beach balls/umbrellas' (kinda drawn to the blue one ... hahaha)  A super idea!  The children will love the texture and the wonderful colors ... xo

      • I like that particular blue, too. It says summer to me. Do you have a favourite blue?

        The blue umbrella was my second attempt at doing a circular motif, and using a slightly different joining technique. As luck would have it, I have since found several tutorials, and will likely follow their tips next time (e.g. using short rows instead of decreasing as I have been doing).

    • I really like the changes in texture/stitch in each of these squares, Linda. I love them all but have to agree with Bev that the beach huts are something special.

      • When I started that square I had plans to do more, thinking that the small coloured blocks would be a quick and simple way to do beach huts...UNTIL I decided that gable ends were really needed, and then how about doors, and what about outlining the gable....?! So, the next beach hut square is a long way off in the future :)

    • Well worth the (tiny) wait, Linda!! They are all fun squares, but I REALLY love your beach delightful !!

      • Indeed. Delightful squares, Linda. Thanks

      • Sorry, that should read beach HUTS  (or cabins).     :))

        • Yes, but you know here at my local beach, huts would be a real hit! Heated, of course ;)

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    Current projects hot off the needles to complete my contribution to this fun theme : 23 waffle style squidgy sand coloured squares - and 8 nautical looking diagonal squares. 

    Thank you ever so much for hosting this theme - it's been ace!    You were a super host Lesley X

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